Really simple ways to use AirDrop, Apple’s own file sharing tool

how to use AirDrop

AirDrop is Apple’s own tool that enables iOS and macOS users to share files via the same old Bluetooth technology. This is contrary to the notion that Apple devices cannot share files unless with the help of a third-party app.

The AirDrop feature lets users quickly transfer files from one iPhone to the other and even from an iOS device to a device running macOS.

This piece will show you the steps to follow to use Apple’s AirDrop feature to share files. AirDrop is exclusively for Apple devices only.

Since the AirDrop feature is for Apple devices only, new users can find it a little tricky. So let’s get you started.

Enable the AirDrop feature on iOS and macOS

Depending on the model of iPhone you may be using the steps may be a little different but we got it all covered here.

For models that don’t have the 3D Touch or the Force Touch feature, you can find the AirDrop feature right in the Control Center. Just swipe up the screen and the Control Center will appear.

Enabling the AirDrop feature will also switch on the Bluetooth. There are 3 options here: Everyone; Contacts Only; and Receiving Off.

how to use AirDrop

On newer models of the iPhone or iPad, force touch or press and hold the Wi-Fi icon in the Control Center.

This will open up more settings. Select AirDrop to find the 3 options: Everyone; Contacts Only; and Receiving Off.

Choosing the “Everyone” option will allow just any AirDrop-supported device to try to send you files. That can be annoying.

It’s only advisable to choose the “Contacts Only” option.

On Mac computers, open Finder window, find AirDrop on the “Favorites” section of the sidebar. The same options for the iOS devices will be presented to you along the bottom of the window.

How to use Airdrop on iOS devices

Now we have already turned on AirDrop and can share files likes photos to our contacts. This is how it is done.

You’ll find AirDrop in the device’s “Share Sheet”, (i.e., the options you see when you tap “Share”). Let’s say you’re trying to share a photo. Tap the share icon and you’ll see a lot of options.

The first section of your Share Sheet should be AirDrop. Tap on AirDrop and see who is around.

Tapping on an available iOS device will prompt the user to accept the file.

how to use airdrop

How to share using Airdrop on MacOS

On macOS, there are 3 ways to share items AirDrop.

First option: Using Finder, drag an icon to the AirDrop sidebar icon. Available devices will appear in the window for you to drop the icon to them.

Second option: The Share button just like in iOS is also present here. In apps likes Photos, the Share button is found in the top right corner.

Third option:  Right-click an item (or hold Control and click), then click Share > AirDrop.

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