how to add music to Instagram Story

Instagram keeps adding features to the platform every now and then to make it more enjoyable. One of such features is Instagram Music. This feature enables users to add music to Instagram Story.

With the Instagram Music feature, users wouldn’t need to add music to stories by recording music from another device. Since the feature is new in some locations, let’s see how it is used.

How to add music to Instagram Story

The Instagram Music feature can be used in two ways. The first method is to add the music after capturing the video or photo. And the second method, obviously, is by adding the music before you capture the video or photo.

So let’s start with the “music after capture” method.

Add music to Instagram Story after capturing video or photo

  • After opening up the Instagram app, tap on the Camera button present in the top left corner.

how to add music to Instagram Story

  • Now, you are on the Instagram Story camera UI. You just take an image or make a video.
  • After taking the video or the photo, the next thing to do is Sticker selection.
  • Select the Sticker option which is part of the lined-up options at the top.
  • The Sticker option now contains the Instagram Music sticker.

how to add music to Instagram Story

  • After you select the Music sticker, you can choose from many song options available. The song options will be divided into 3 sections: Popular, Genres, and Moods.
  • Once you pick a song for your Instagram story, you can now select the time stamp of the song. That is the part of the song you want to use.
  • You can also choose how you want your song to appear. For example, you choose the song to appear with the lyrics (also in different fonts and colours), or just the name of the song to appear.
  • You are good to go once you are satisfied with the final changes you have added to your story.
  • But there is one thing to remember. Be sure that you have disabled the audio for the recorded clip so it doesn’t run through to tangle the music you added.

Adding music to Instagram Story before adding a photo or video

  • Open the Instagram camera.
  • Select the ‘Music’ option next to the ‘Hands-free’ option.

  • From there the same song list appears.
  • You can now select the song of your choice, the time frame of the song.
  • Now take your photo or video.
  • Add the necessary filters you wish to add.
  • Post your story and you’re done!

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