Mobile Money fraud

MTN Mobile Money has gradually grown to become the biggest platform for mobile money transactions in Ghana. It has been of great convenience since its inception and has acted as a perfect alternative for traditional banks. Its success so far can however not be looked at without the obvious challenges it comes with.

As every platform, MTN mobile money comes with a loophole that creates a challenge: mobile money fraud. Even though it is the duty of the company to ensure that incidences of this menace are reduced, as a customer, you also have a duty to protect your wallet. That is why I have sampled these measures you can take to ensure that your wallet is protected.

Your MTN Mobile Money PIN should be private

Your mobile money pin should be a “private part” of your life. You should avoid revealing it if you want to avoid mobile money fraud.

MTN has made it clear through the various statements they have released that MTN workers and mobile money agents are not to ask for your PIN to initiate any transaction. So do not fall for any of such lies.

Also, when it comes to that point where for some reason, you had to share your PIN with a friend or sibling, you have to change your PIN immediately that purpose is exhausted. This will help protect your wallet.

Choose a strong PIN

Guessing your pin should be as difficult as entering a bank safe. Yes, your Mobile Money account is your personal bank safe. So the PIN must be a difficult thing to guess.

You have to avoid sequences like 1234, 6789, 6699 and your date of birth too. Your PIN must be hard to guess but easy for you to remember. If you have a weak PIN, you should change it using these steps:

  • Dial the MTN Mobile Money shortcode *170#
  • Select Wallet
  • Choose Change MM PIN
  • Enter your old PIN
  • Enter your new PIN to set and confirm

Verify Phone Calls and Messages purportedly from MTN

Most people who have been defrauded via mobile money were victims of callers who claimed to be from the MTN Office.

Have this in mind: MTN will send Mobile Money SMS via the name MobileMoney. Any message from a normal phone number regarding your mobile money could be fake. They mostly follow up with instructions, which you should never follow.

Beware of scam calls asking you to send MTN mobile money to their accounts to receive cash prizes or asking for your account details. Whenever in doubt, just call MTN customer service number 100.

Don’t give your mobile phone to agents to confirm payments for you

Confirm payments yourself. When withdrawing money, ensure that the name of the MoMo Merchant is what is actually displayed before you enter your pin to confirm the transaction.

Also, when making a deposit, make sure you receive a message from “MobileMoney” and ensure that the right amount is what you received before leaving the merchant.

You can’t risk losing your money to fraudsters. If you have any challenge, just call MTN customer care on 100 or visit the nearest Customer Service Centre.

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