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Every girl seems to be in a wonderland the first time she falls in love. With wild thoughts on living happily ever after with the guy she agrees to be in a relationship with, they always envisage that the first guy is the right choice. Quite unfortunately, the fantasy wades off sooner than expected. Well, this seem to be the story of a lot of people who walk away after some few months of realizing that the person is not the right one.
Funnily, after encountering more of these instances, they totally wipe off the love portion off their faces and with extra caution, fail to notice when the right person comes around, because they couldn’t see all the signs that showed he was the right one.
That is why we have prepared this article, to let you see the signs that shows you’ve met the one. If you are with a guy and he does all these things then he is the one.

8 signs that he is the one

1. He cares about you

When a guy show signs of caring to you then he loves you. When he always asks of your health, where you are, and also like spending more time with you to know you more, then he really cares about you.

2. He cares and loves your family

He always asks of the health of your parent and siblings. The guy shows too much attention to your family and always willing to help out with what he can, when he can.
And if your parents like him and accept him as their own son then he is the one that you are really looking out for.
Such guys always check up on you. They ask you questions like have you eaten, how was your night and many others. When you see these signs from a guy, then he is surely the one that you are looking for.

3. He loves to talk to you

When we say a guy loves a lady it entails a lot. A guy who is seriously in love with a lady loves to talk to her and enjoys her company. He makes sure that he makes time for her no matter how busy his schedule is.

4. He appreciates you

He always shows appreciation. He appreciates everything about you and adores you. Every little thing you do is a huge deal for him and he never stops talking about how grateful he is to have you in his life.


5. He always talks about you

You might not know whether he is talking about you to others. But if his friends tell you that he is always talking about you, then I must say you are very lucky. Because not all guys will do that.

6. He is sad when you are worried

A guy that cares and loves you want to see you happy all the time. He gets worried when you seem sad. He always tries his best to make sure everything is okay with you. And if the situation is out of his hands, he comforts you any way he can.

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Romantic young couple dating in pub at night

7. He always want to see you smiling

He will always want to see you smiling. Guys will crack jokes and do what he knows will make you laugh, when he is in love with you.

8. He always takes note of the things you like

He tries his best to know the things that you love the most. And continue to surprise you with the things you like.


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