It sucks to be deceived in a relationship, especially when you have invested so much time and emotions in it. Sadly, some women are very wrong for believing their lover has eyes for them alone, and to make matters worse, the man in question cares more for the outsider than them. Do you want to know the signs that will tell whether you’re the side chick or not in your relationship? We break them down in this article.

1. He makes excuses to not spend time with you

If he consistently gives excuses to not spend quality time with you, he is most likely giving another lady that attention. A man who treats you like his number one will always make out time to be with you when you crave for his attention.

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2. He is careful with his phone

You will not be too cautious with your phone if you’re not hiding something. If your man keeps deleting his call history and will not stop changing passwords, there is something he does not want you to find out. Don’t be surprised to find out that he is seeing someone else who he fancies more than you.

3. He never introduces you to anyone as his woman

According to PulseNG, when your boyfriend does not show you off to his friends or family, then you are not his main girl. It is not just logical to love and date someone for years and not feel the need to show some seriousness by making her meet your loved ones. Tread carefully because he might be introducing someone else to his family, the real love of his life.
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