It does not matter if you are friends with her or not, going after a girl on social media is very possible, you just need the right tips. With the right approach, making her your woman will be very possible. See Signs he is set to end your relationship:
1. Don’t get ahead of yourself: Do not bombard her with questions and excessive flattering comments especially if you do not know before. Go easy, play it cool till you both get familiar. Begin by dropping subtle comments under her photos, posts, status updates and take things from there.
2. Compliment her: Tell her she looks amazing, praise her shoes or dress, tell her nice things about her hair. Compliments like that go a long way in making her fall for you. However, do not get cheesy with it at any point in time.
3. No nudes: It is a turn off most times. You must refrain from sending unsolicited photos of your privates to a lady all in the name of getting her attention. You will actually be driving her away with such a move. Remember, ladies fall for classy guys.
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4. Post wisely on your own page: If you wish to get her attention on social media, you need to post the right things on your own page. Your posts will be used by her to judge and access the kind of person you are. If you post rubbish, do not expect her to treat you right.
5. Be creative: When you like a girl and decide to make a move on her, you have to do everything possible to stand out. You cannot be regular because she has other guys on her case. Be different, unique, super creative and you will get her attention.

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