The brains behind popular SA app, Signapps, developed with initial funding secured from the DTI, the Gauteng Innovation Hub, and used by both private and public healthcare sectors to coordinate patient care, are ready to help hospitals amid the coronavirus outbreak.
CEO, Andrew Davies recently revealed that there is an urgent need for a cautious but fast response to the worrying reality of the pandemic so he and his team will be able to do everything within their power to tackle it head-on.

Signapps hospitals coronavirus
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His words, “The recent outbreak of Covid-19 and resultant closure of three local private hospitals has drawn attention to the urgent need for a careful but speedy response to this troubling development in the pandemic.”
“We believe that the introduction of a simple care co-ordination platform on the mobile phone, such as Signapps, could mitigate much of the risk of infection exposure to frontline doctors and nurses. Our objectives with Signapps in Covid-19 are simple: to reduce the risk of infection to health care workers and improve patient outcomes.”
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