GCB Bank‘s G-Money mobile wallet platform was launched earlier this year; becoming the first product of the sort to come from the banking industry of the financial sector. While it is relatively new, it has quite a number of unique features that should get you excited about signing on to the platform.
Innovation is what drives industry by encouraging healthy competition among the relevant stakeholders. Here, I’ll give you a couple of reasons why you would want to sign up for a G-Money account.

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Why you should sign up for a G-Money account

Although G-Money shares some features and characteristics with the already existing mobile wallets and payment platforms, these are some unique features that would make you want to take a second look as well as give it a try.

You don’t have to be a GCB Bank customer

More often, getting to access platforms run by companies or organizations means you would have to be an existing customer of that company. This is not the case with getting a G-Money account. You won’t need a GCB Bank account to enjoy the mobile wallet service. All a non-customer has to do is visit any GCB Bank branch or agent to get registered to use the platform. It’s that easy and simple.

A secure platform

The easy to use service has a strong user authentication process working in the background. Also, with access to the bank’s secure (internet) banking, users do not need to harbor any fears related to the security of the service. As it is being run from a banking platform, you can be assured that round-the-clock security for the service is prioritized.

Relatively lower transaction charges

One major issue that users of the already existing mobile wallets and payment platforms can attest to is the unfair charges these service providers present them with. Charges from this service are kept reasonably low — in order to encourage you to perform fund transfers without taking noticeable amounts from you in the name of transaction charges.
Sign up for a G-Money account now, and you would save up a few extra pesewas whenever you make or receive payment for services.

Multiple channels for transactions

As a subscriber, you’d have the convenience of being able to perform transactions over multiple channels. The mobile banking app, Point of Sale (POS) devices, and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), are channels through which you can initiate and complete your G-Money transactions — whichever one is available to and convenient for you at any point in time during your day.
Also, a feature that would allow subscribers to make transactions over WhatsApp is currently being worked on and would soon be rolled out to help make life better for users.

You can self-register

For the already existing GCB Bank customer, dialing *422# and following the prompts from the GCB menu is all it would take to be registered on the platform. Non-customers would have to visit any GCB Bank branch with a valid national ID in order for the relevant particulars to be taken — so they can be registered onto the service.

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Bonus point…

Accessible to the everyday person

No matter where you are in the country, you can access G-Money mobile wallet service; and no matter what phone you use, you can make use of the service just as the next man would.

To conclude

For people who are old enough to remember, mobile phone SIM cards cost a fortune back in the early 2000s before a certain Kasapa opened up the market with their CDMA phones. Suddenly, paying large fees to get a SIM card no longer made sense when you could just get a phone for less the cost.
GCB Bank’s G-Money mobile wallet brings a lot to the table. One thing we know for sure is that more mobile wallets or payment platforms mean there would be innovative offerings from the service providers. The eventual benefit of that there would be options for consumers of such services leading to value-for-money innovation on the part of the service providers.

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