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Pawpaw is filled with several nutrients that will help your body, however, when you overdo it, it could really threaten your good health. Consuming it once in a while is safe, but taking it excessively will cause certain complications that nobody wants. See Possible side effects of consuming pawpaw too frequently:

1. It can cause abortion: Research has proven that eating pawpaw during pregnancy is not safe. If you did not know, raw papaya is used as a natural way to terminate unwanted pregnancies. Even if ripe papayas are safer, the chances of raw ones causing uterine problems are very high because of the presence of latex.

2. Stomach upset: Excessive consumption of papaya can ruin your gastrointestinal system, and this can result in a stomach upset. The latex pawpaw comes with is the major culprit here. You risk other complications like abdominal cramps, bloating, and nausea too.

3. It can cause carotenemia: If eaten in high quantities, the beta-carotene in pawpaw can lead to discoloration of the skin a.k.a carotenemia. Yellowing of the eye whites and palms is very much possible as well.

4. It worsens diarrhea: Pawpaw can worsen diarrhea if you consume too much of it. The fiber it comes with can combine with the defecation and make things worse, risking dehydration.

5. It causes skin rashes: Pawpaw comes with papain enzyme and antioxidants that are used in anti-aging creams. However, not all skin types react to them positively. If you are unlucky and your skin type is one of them, you will only be inviting itchy skin as you enjoy your pawpaw.

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