Side effects hot water
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It is true that drinking hot water comes with lots of benefits, however, doing it too often also comes with side effects. This article will expose you to the dangers that can be unexpected. Side effects hot water:

1. It is home to lots of contaminants: Most people feel hot water is so pure, that is false. The truth is that, if you are getting your hot water from the tap, it is possible for it to be contaminated. Why, you ask? Because hot water dissolves contaminants than cold water. If your pipes are ancient and rusty, lead particles might come in contact with the water that flows through it.

2. Imbalance of water concentration in the body: Research has proven that 55-65% of the body system is filled with water. And as you already know, drinking water is healthy as it hydrates the body and flushes out some bad toxins. But when you drink hot water too often, even when you are far from thirsty, you are causing an imbalance in the concentration of water in the body, which can lead to dehydration.

3. Sleep disorder: Drinking hot water excessively can cause an imbalance in your sleep as well. Stay away from hot water before going to bed as your sleep will most likely be disturbed via regular urination.

4. Kidney pressure: Are you aware that your kidney has a strong capillary system that flushes excess water and toxins out of the body and drinking too much hot water puts pressure on the kidneys by boosting the pace at which it does its job? Because drinking hot water leads to dehydration, the workload of the kidney will be increased, which is not good for that important organ in your body.

5. Internal scalds/burns: Regular drinking of hot water can result in internal scalding at the linings of organs in the body system. Pls note that hot water can actually burn or hurt your lips, inner linings of the mouth and tongue.

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