Side effects green tea
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Green tea is a very ancient herbal tea that assists with weight loss and other health problems. However, despite the various assistance it renders, drinking it excessively comes with its issues. See Side effects of green tea:

1. It can upset your stomach: The tannis it comes with boosts the stomach acid which can result in stomach ache, nauseous feeling, or cause constipation for humans. People living with peptic ulcers or acid reflux, especially, should avoid overconsumption of green tea.

2. It might lead to birth defects: Research has proven that when pregnant women drink excess green tea, it can have a negative effect on the mother and the unborn child. Drinking over 300 mg of caffeine on a daily basis will boost the risk of hypertension during pregnancy. Green tea decreases the levels of folic acid, but this acid is a water-soluble B-vitamin that prevents miscarriages and birth defects such as spina bifida.

3. It decreases the iron content in the body: Green tea comes with catechins that are known for boosting metabolism and reducing weight, but if you overconsume it, it can lead to a decreased iron absorption in the body. This is even worse for people who already have an iron deficiency.

4. Persistent headaches: Green tea can trigger headaches in some people because of the caffeine it comes with. Anyone suffering from migraines should only drink green tea once in a while. If you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid it completely.

5. It influences insomnia: Green tea comes with only little amounts of caffeine, but it can still trigger sleeping issues for those that are sensitive to caffeine. Drinking over 300 mg of caffeine every day might decrease sleep quality and cause insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Nobody wants that.

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