Many of us make a living sitting in the background. Working at a desk or counter is a classic lifestyle for many professionals. But after a while, focusing all the attention on the seats can affect our comfort. That’s why you need to click here to find out how an office chair cushion is a great way to make your workplace more comfortable.

Original Form Cushion

The first most common layout includes several features added to the original form. There are also different lines of orthopedic models. Some people tilt the pelvic area forward to achieve a natural curve in the spine. Others are made of thicker foam, which lifts the tailbone off the chair and makes you feel comfortable for longer. You can also find ones with the center of the padding removed so that the tailbone fits snugly between the two halves for less stress in that area.

Classic Smooth Cushion

When you talk about these devices, many images come to mind. The second is the classic smooth cushion that you sit on, and it provides a little extra space between you and where you are sitting. There are many basic design variations in this category. Some only come with Styrofoam. Others may contain feathers to soften or have spiked air pockets to allow more air to pass through. This is especially noticeable if you are sitting in a wooden or leather chair.

If you search online, you will find a variety of office chair cushion made of different materials and different models. Some of them include the following:

1. Memory Foam Seat Cushions

These orthopedic seats are made of memory foam, also known as memory foam polyurethane. Memory foam was developed by experts for astronauts for space travel. Since astronauts moved little in space, it was important that the seats provided maximum comfort for them while they slept. Since then, it has been used to make various products, such as mattresses and office seat cushions.

When it comes to material durability, memory foam is in the middle. It works gently to reduce pressure points on the body. While this material is great for comfort, there have been some who have complained about its odor, as the chemicals used have a distinctive odor. Another disadvantage of this material is that it is more flammable than other materials.

2. Gel Foam Seat Cushions

The interior consists of a honeycomb gel structure that provides flexible support while sitting. Some models have central raised grooves to minimize contact with the coccyx.

3. Seat airbags

Seat airbags are inflatable cushions that can deflate when not in use. The air pressure inside the cushion will provide you with excellent support while sitting.

For those who find it difficult to get up and out of a chair, click here to learn how to find relief.  Some of these ingenious creations are equipped with an air piston that assists a person when they begin to get up from a chair. When your body weight is lifted off the cushion, the lift takes over and pushes some of your weight away from the chair. There are also models that lift 100 percent of their weight at the touch of a button. So no matter what you are looking for, you can find a comfortable and practical office chair cushion.

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