We all know that pregnancy occurs when a man’s sperm fertilises a woman’s egg after intercourse. However, are you aware that there are other shocking ways for a lady to conceive that are super strange but very real? Stay with me in this article.
1. Dry humping with underwear: We already know that dry humping without underwear can lead to pregnancy; however, what most people do not know is that pregnancy can still occur with underwear on. It might be very rare, but if the guy’s semen leaks through the opening of his boxers on the woman’s underwear, sperm can still find its way to the vagina to fertilize the egg.
2. Using oil-based lubricants: Oil-based lubes and condoms do not roll together. This kind of lube breaks down the latex and create microscopic holes in the condom, which boosts your chances of getting pregnant.

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3. The pill: Even if it reduces your chances of getting pregnant, it is still not 100% effective. All contraceptives have a tiny failure rate associated with it.
4. Ripping a condom with your teeth: Before getting intimate with her, rushing and using your teeth to rip the packet and use the condom is not advisable. By so doing, you can mistakenly puncture the condom without noticing.


Bonus tip

Do you know that you can get pregnant when you’re already pregnant?
This is super strange and rare, but it is known as superfetation. It happens when you are already pregnant but continue to ovulate. The 2nd fertilized egg implants in the lining of the womb, and this leads to a 2nd pregnancy.
Stay informed.
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