Stars From All Nations (SFAN) is about to embark a short journey of guiding young aspiring entrepreneurs to obtain the needed skills to help their aspirations. With this, SFAN has launched the 2019 edition of the Readyforwork Career Coaching Program.
This year’s event happens to be the second edition of the Readyforwork Career Coaching Program. It is a talent accelerator program that runs for 6 weeks. The program provides personalised training and education to the participants.
SFAN also seeks to use this program to expose these young people to industry connections that may be essential for them to gain employment and even get support for their enterprises.
The first edition was started in September last year. The first edition of the program took place with in-person sessions. People that partook the first edition were employed right after their training since SFAN had joined hands with a couple of organisations to scout for immediately-employable people.
This year, the Readyforwork Career Coaching Program will put more focus on job readiness skills that will be most valuable in the future. Another important thing the participants will learn is “How to launch a profitable career in content writing.”
For the content writing training, the participants will be training by experts from Ghana and abroad. Coaches including content writers, talent managers, communication specialists will be handling this year’s event. There will representatives from Samsung; DW, the German national TV network; Pulse; Upwork and a whole lot.
By the end of the 6 weeks training, a blog contest will be set up for the trainees to apply the knowledge they have. Participants can win up to $250 cash prize and other prizes from the blog contest.
The Readyforwork training will be done both online and in person. The in-person sessions will happen only on Saturdays of the training period from September 7. It will take place at the Stanbic Bank Incubator.
To be part of this training, you can register over at For more information on the program, contact Stars From All Nations via +233 545 93 5695.

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