Celibacy is simply you avoiding your bodily desires. However, as young adults, our bodies will seek sexual adventures from time to time and it is up to you to deal with them. Let’s help you with how to cope with such experience nicely with these tips. Sexual urges celibate relationship:

1. Do not dwell on it: You will definitely have flashes of sexual desire once in a while but since you have decided to stop having intercourse, it is best to not even think too much about it. Abstaining is simpler when you are not dwelling on it.

2. Live a busy life: You need to start doing things that will take your time, dedication, energy and so on. The busier you are, the more seamless it would be to distract yourself from the urges. It might be a temporary solution, but it gets the job done.

3. Protect your space: Anything that will increase your urge for sexual contact should be avoided. Films, videos, pictures, and so on are obvious examples. By so doing, the temptations will be very minimal and you can stay true to your decision.

4. Know when to flee: Do not be so sure of yourself in dangerous situations that will lead to intercourse. It is best to stay away from such situations rather than stopping yourself from continuing. Trust me when I say your resistance level might not be as strong as you think.

5. Speak to someone: Yes, it might be weird to reach out to couples to know if they waited for intercourse before marriage. However, if you know anybody who abstained from intercourse before heading to the altar, speak to him or her and learn. Please note that you both need to have a tight relationship before you can talk about something as intimate as that.


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