You need to use a variety of different search engine optimization (SEO) tools in order to get your business ranked at #1 on Google. With so many choices, it can be hard knowing what is good for you and what is not!

That is why we have taken care of that problem by compiling this list–to make life easier for all those who want their site ranking high up there without too much trouble or stress.

In the modern world, SEO has become a vital part of marketing. Today’s businesses are dependent on their search engine ranking to be successful because it is one of the few ways they can put themselves in front of potential customers that may not have seen them otherwise.

To ensure your business does not get lost among all those vying for attention, you need an effective and reliable set of tools and the best SEO consultant at your disposal; these will help guide you through this process with ease!


Ahrefs is the most recommended SEO tool online by industry experts. Google comes in second to Ahrefs when it comes to being one of the largest website crawlers, and that is nothing but a good thing for you as an Internet marketing expert looking for ways to rank your sites higher on search engines like Bing or Yandex. One feature people just cannot get enough of with this great service? The Site Audit module –it easily tells you what parts of your site need improvements so as not only have they improved themselves, but their ranking has increased significantly too!


SEMRush, one of the top SEO tools in the industry today is loved by experts and marketers for its great features. One that has garnered a lot of attention recently is Domain Vs Domain analysis which allows you to compare your website against any competitor’s domain with ease, so if you are looking to understand data about your site or even just do some research on competitors then this tool will help significantly.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a leading SEO software that many experts use. Compliments include how up-to-date Moz stays despite Google’s frequent algorithm updates and the company’s chat portal, which allows inquiries to be answered with insights. Whether it is keyword recommendations or site crawl analysis, Moz has you covered in every aspect of search engine optimization (SEO).

Answer The Public

SEO is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. Whether you are a blogger, business owner or just looking to provide more information about your product on social media, it is important that the content you create for these platforms has SEO value and can reach as many people as possible. Answer The Public does this by providing free tools which allow bloggers to find out how often their chosen keywords are being searched in Google and identify potential topics they could write about within those search results.


This keyword research tool will give you a detailed look into how much potential your business has. You can see the number of times people search for any given word and what words are more difficult to rank high on Google as well as get an idea about which keywords your competitors use most often in their content so that you know what not to do.


The best tools for marketing and SEO are the ones that have features like The Majestic Million, which allows you to see the ranking of top million websites.


is a powerful Chrome extension that scans your website to check for SEO problems. It assesses both on-page issues and external links, as well as compares you against competitors, giving you insight into how much work needs to be done before it is time to launch!

Fat Rank

An SEO Chrome extension called Fat Rank can help you analyze your website’s performance. This keyword tool lets you know the ranking of keywords that are highly searched for on Google searches, which is an important consideration when designing content and marketing campaigns to attract potential customers.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog saves time by quickly analyzing your website and performing site audits to ensure its success on search engines like Google or Bing.


Serpstat is a great tool to help you plan and execute your SEO, PPC, and content marketing strategies all in one place. With features like keyword research tools that rank sites on the first page of Google’s search engine results pages (SERP) for competitive keywords within seconds.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool offered by Google that lets you monitor and report on your website’s presence in Google SERP. All site owners need to do is verify their websites with the verification code or go through analytics, then submit their sitemap for indexing.


The KWFinder tool allows for the easy discovery of long-tail keywords with low levels of competition and provides insightful analysis reports on backlinks and SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The Rank Tracker feature helps you to easily track your rankings while tracking your improvement based on one key metric.


Ubersuggest is a free keyword finder tool that helps you identify keywords and also the search intent behind them. You can see which phrases are short, medium, or long-tail to determine what words generate more traffic on your website. And if you need help with brainstorming ideas for content marketing campaigns? Ubersuggest has hundreds of suggestions from this free great keyword tool!


Woorank is a highly reputable SEO analysis tool that provides both free and paid options for you to track your marketing data. You can plug in the URL of any competing website so as not to leave an opening, which will make it much more difficult for competitors trying to take over from you on Google rankings.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free, powerful tool that can be used to gain insight in any stage of business growth. The information it offers ranges from the number of searches for specific keywords to what terminology and language people are using when they search about certain topics on Google.


Siteliner is a fast and easy SEO checker that scans your website for broken links, duplicate content, average page sizes, and more. With such comprehensive tools on hand at the click of a button it is no wonder so many internet marketers love Siteliner!

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an SEO extension that aggregates data from various analytics tools, like Google Analytics and Search Console to help you find the best keywords for your rankings. It also provides information on how popular those searches are online, which can be very helpful in determining what niche has a lot of competition or not so much. You will get access to all sorts of great features including keyword research options and tracking methods as well!


One of the best SEO tools is to search in Incognito mode. You will be able to see where you truly rank on a results page for a certain term without any influence from your browsing history, an autofill option that might give suggestions not related and show biases when doing searches with regular browsers like Chrome or Safari; this could lead users into thinking they are getting good information, but it is skewed at some point because their browser shows them different pages than what would typically come up if someone were just searching on Google directly.

Final Take

The importance of a solid SEO plan for your business cannot be overemphasized. Whether you are looking to rank higher on Google, get more traffic from search engines or simply improve overall digital marketing strategy and online presence, the power of SEO tools cannot be understated.

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