The most basic step to develop a successful search ad campaign is to have a good plan. Planning the process strategically is vital to ensure everything goes according to the plan, and everyone’s on the same page. Also, it will be quite easy to measure the overall campaign’s progress.  However, you must know the process can be quite complicated and challenging for someone who is not up to date with SEM. So, let a professional company like Webomaze Pty Ltd. do the job.
How to develop an SEM plan to boost the online business? Here are the steps you need to follow to develop a successful SEM strategy for your business.

1. Researching and selecting keywords

This undoubtedly is the most vital part of the ad campaign, as this is where the foundation of your campaign begins. Your chosen keywords will decide how the audience can find you or how relevant your ad will be to the searchers.
There are certain keywords that will do better than the others, with a huge gap in cost per click and bidding competition. So it’s better to keep your keyword testing and optimisation efforts ongoing. This will help prevent you from wasting time on tactics that don’t work.  Research and find out everything you need to know and then select the right keywords suitable for your brand.

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2. Creating search and copy

Once you have chosen the right targeted keywords, you must now consider how to entice the visitors to click. This is the stage to attract the customers, so it will be best to take assistance from a copywriter.  This is simply because the visitors first see the copy when they view an ad. Also, it gives them the first impression of the business. So it is essential that your ad copy is relevant to the targeted keywords, or else the visitors will shift to your competitors.

3. Optimising the campaigns

SEM campaign optimisation moves must not be restricted. It will be beneficial to continue trying and optimising the entire process regularly to ensure your strategy is competitive. Here are the things you need to look after-

  •     Keywords expansion
  •     Visitors appealing strategies
  •     Search ad account structure
  •     Binding strategies
  •     Negative keywords

4. Developing a good landing page

It is now time to start thinking about landing page development to attract visitors. For instance, if your ad’s message is just the tip, then the landing page needs to provide the missing information. When someone visits your website through a search ad, you have made the payment for it. So, you need to ensure that the visitor converts into a customer.
Besides this, you need to minimise landing page distractions that can easily distract the user from making a move.

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5. Keyword bidding strategies

According to the campaign’s goal, you need to select a custom binding strategy to attract a specific metric.  So if you are aiming for impressions or conversions or focusing on getting more click rates, having a good binding strategy can greatly help. However, it is better to go with the default keyword bidding strategies as it is the proven way to understand things. It will also allow you to test and optimise the strategy to make it more efficient.
While if you are lucky to have zero data from the past ad campaign, you can choose an automated strategy. With this, you can use your collected data and optimise the conversion bids.

6. Managing Account Layout and Budget

The SEM account layout you set up will decide the way your ads are triggered, and your campaign’s overall efficiency. Thus, it is essential that you emphasise laying out a good account structure and budget right from the start. Firstly, the choice of the campaign-style shows the ad platform, where is the need for optimisation or what to optimise. For better processing, you need to organise your account as per your keyword levels and group.
Campaign budgeting entirely relies on the ad testing response, as you should avoid allocating huge budgets to new campaigns. Once you can get the desired returns from your tested ad, you can think about increasing the budget to maximise the conversion volume.

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7. Measuring the performance of an ad campaign

Like the various other marketing functions, SEM is developed in stages involving planning, execution, reviewing, and optimisation. Keeping a check on your campaign is thus critical, or else the money can easily go to waste. Surely measuring ad campaign performance is vital, but it depends entirely on your end goals.
Once you know your goal, it will clearly show the strategies suitable for you and the metrics you need to stay updated about. Or better, you can hire a professional like WEBOMAZE Pty Ltd. to ensure that your campaign thrives and you receive desirable results.


The paid search world is highly competitive. So you need to arm yourself with the right knowledge before trying something new, or else you will end up wasting your resources. Thus, it is better to hire a professional like WEBOMAZE Pty Ltd. to maximise your advertising returns.
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