Microsoft Windows’ users can now easily screenshot, see how

how to screenshot on Microsoft Windows
how to screenshot on Microsoft Windows

This article is for Windows users or those that want to learn how to screenshot on Microsoft Windows easily. If you are working on a blog post or writing an article that requires an illustration, this post will be of great use to you. There are many different software packages that will help you screenshot on Windows, but many of them are premium.

You’ll be required to pay a monthly subscription fee to use some of the software. However, it might not be favourable to you. So today, we’ll be sharing some amazing tips on how you can easily screenshot on MS Windows.

Easiest tips on how to screenshot on Microsoft Windows Operating System easily

We have previously shared a post on how you can easily delete a page on MS word, so today we’ll be seeing something different.

We’ll be learning how to screenshot on MS Windows. You’ll not be having to pay for any premium tools or getting our photos watermarked.

how to screenshot on Microsoft Windows

  1. Press the PrtScn (circled in red above) button
  2. Open a photo editor app (e.g MS Paint)
  3. Click Ctrl+V and paste the content of the clipboard
  4. Crop out any unwanted part as desired
  5. Press Ctrl+S to save the file

Congrats, you have just learnt how to screenshot on Windows pcs.

Alternatively, you can use your snipping tool to do that too.

It comes with almost all Windows and it’s free to use. If it’s not in your computer, you can consider downloading one.


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