Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, outperforming its competitors with two-thirds of the market share. The interface and its minimalist design style have captured the sympathy of all users.
However, a unique feature that many users have yet to take advantage of is the Chrome extension, which is specifically a screen recording widget.
Screen recording utility is extremely useful, such as recording video tutorials, for example. This article will provide a list of the best 7 screen recording tools for Chrome.


Nimbus is a great extension for all your needs. Using Nimbus, you can take screenshots as well as screen capture up to 4k resolution. It also allows capturing an entire web page or optional partial capture.
Besides, you can also add captions by drawing, adding arrows or blurring parts of the screen. Once done, you can back up your files to Google Drive, Nimbus Note, Slack, and other platforms. Most especially, Nimbus is free.
screen recording tools on Chrome


RecordCast is an interesting web application, which allows us to record our screen, our microphone and/or webcam in order to create our video tutorials. It allows us to record videos with a 30-minute limit but without the need to install anything or register.
One of the main attractions of RecordCast is that it is free, but not only. It also makes your safety a priority. By adopting this website, you will not have to worry about your personal data.
screen recording tools on Chrome


Screencastify is another nice extension for Chrome that allows you to take screenshots and record screenshots with the option to back up to Google Drive. You can return to the screen in a browser tab, desktop or webcam. This tool allows highlighting of the mouse pointer, drawing or highlighting clicks.
The free version is limited to 50 videos per month with a maximum recording duration of 5 minutes per video.
screen recording tools on Chrome

Awesome screenshot

With over 2 million users on Chrome, Awesome Screenshot is one of the most searched for screen recording utilities. It allows you to take unlimited screenshots and recordings. You can edit videos using tools to blur, crop, add text, and more. You won’t be restricted by photo or video format, video length or screen capture size.
screen recording tools on Chrome


Loom is definitely one of the best screen recording utilities out there. It has a simple interface, is easy to use and allows you to switch between desktop and browser while recording.
With Loom, you can trim video length, add emojis, convert formats to MP4, … The free version won’t limit the number and length of videos per month, but you will only be able to record at the highest resolution is 720p. The $ 8 premium version unlocks more features like drawing tools, reporting, custom recording sizes and more.
screen recording tools on Chrome

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a highly customizable screen recorder for Chrome and great for both professionals and novices. It allows you to choose a resolution from 360p to 1080p.
Hippo also allows you to customize your recordings in many ways. You can change the video resolution team, the frame rate, the webcam size, and blur sensitive information. You get even more features if you sign up for a premium subscription starting from $ 10 / month.

Drift video

Drift video proves to be a good screen recording tool for professionals. The reason is that it facilitates users to share on many different platforms. You can create a video URL, share it via email, social media, or share it privately with your team members. You can choose the priority for the recording mode: face recording, screen recording or sound mode. And of course, you can edit videos like cut length, create animated GIFs and change video format.
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