Are you tired of the same-looking online slots? Do you want to experience new emotions from the game? With syndicated slots jackpot from Scientific Games, your dreams may become a reality, and very soon players will get access to a unique project that may change the gambling industry forever.

Being a relatively new company and established in 2018, Scientific Games Corporation has already gained a solid reputation in the global gambling arena. This company is traded publicly and headquarters in Las Vegas. Scientific Games offer users a big variety of products including table games, slot machines, lottery games, terminals, applications, social gaming, gambling control systems, sports betting, and much more.

Under the OpenGaming brand, the company is now launching the first community-based online jackpot, which allows gamblers to join others and collectively win a percentage of a bigger jackpot. At first, it is going to be introduced in Europe, and launch dates on other territories will be announced.

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Things to know about syndicated slots jackpot

Scientific Games Corporation has introduced the first syndicated jackpots game for the online gambling market, which goes live for a short period of time at Betsson. Want to know what is it about? Continue reading!

The Mega Drop Quest, a syndicated jackpot game, which is owned by the Open Gaming brand, allows groups of people to win money together and create higher chances of obtaining big prizes in a slot game. The main idea is that players can join other gamblers to win a certain percentage of a bigger jackpot together. Such an approach allows better accessibility and adds a community component to gambling.

Just imagine: you no longer have to play on your own, feeling the urge to hold a conversation or share your thoughts with others. Team up with people with the same interests and win money, while chatting and interacting!

Betsson is the first partner of Scientific Games, which has launched the innovation and will make it available across the Open Gaming network already in January 2020.  The first launch takes place in Europe but soon the system will be available in other territories.

In his interview for SG Digital, Dylan Slaney, SVP Casino representative, said that syndicates should be treated with attention from all suppliers and be considered as one of the best ways of simplifying and improving community games. Syndicated slots will make the games enjoyable and accessible, and will solve a variety of problems.

According to Slaney, working on this game was the biggest challenge the team has ever dealt with but the result was more than rewarding. They claim that the product is able to support the community approach and rise above the simple goal of winning.

The first title that is available under the Mega Drop Quest is called Nessie’s Mega Drop Quest. It takes another look at the player experience in syndicated jackpots, a bonus wheel with multipliers, as well as free games and added wilds. The game is based on a unique double-reel mechanic, which is triggered by a famous Loch Ness monster called Nessie.

Phil Lam, Betsson’s Head of Gaming is sure that social gaming is going to occupy leading positions on the global gambling market. He added that it is an honor working on the launch of Mega Drop Quest syndicated jackpot together with Scientific Games, which will surely be a unique experience for different groups of players.

While online casino players could feel isolated and alone, social gambling is able to change everything: groups of players will interact trying to win prizes together. And Betsson’s team is more than excited to be the first to launch a unique concept.

Changes in the industry have already begun

Standing out on the global gambling market is a real challenge because hundreds of companies are working day and night to attract new players with unique features, latest technologies, and outstanding gameplay. It becomes a quest for online operators to introduce new titles, promotions, and tools, and to surprise the most experienced players, who have seen everything.

It seems that 2020 is the year of breakthroughs and syndicated slots jackpot is definitely one of them. Social gambling will add new colors to well-known games and will definitely take online casinos to a new level. We are on the verge of new technologies and trends and will be the first to try them out. Isn’t it exciting?  Follow the industry’s news to be the first to try out Nessie’s Mega Drop Quest together with your friends or same-minded players!


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