Schneider Electric Launch Inverter-Fired Electricity Nigeria

Looking to tackle power-related issues and provide adequate protection, Schneider Electric has released fresh products to dazzle the Nigerian market.

According to The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the new products include fresh, less-expensive UPS from APC by Schneider Electric, alongside wiring devices such as the Unica and Lisse Deco ranges.

Unica provides a variety of premium, wireless-enabled switches and sockets that will suit several high-class market and hotels in the country while Lisse Deco offers less costly and contemporary fittings which come with USB ports, phone holders and more comfortable accessories that suits the present generation’s lifestyle.

At the event where the products were unveiled, 2 days ago, the energy management company revealed that guaranteed protection and innovative provisions that will cater for the rich and not-so-rich has always been needed in the country.

 Schneider Electric Launch Inverter-Fired Electricity Nigeria

MD, Schneider Electric, Mr Christophe Begat said these products will redefine the power sector because they were manufactured to cater for the most pressing needs of the market.

His words, “These set of products are game-changers in the power sector. They are smart and tailored to the needs of the market, and we believe that they will have a strong impact in Nigeria.”

The Channel Sales Manager, Schneider Electric, Mr Oluwaseun Oloyede also said, “The Easy UPS has the guarantee of quality and it is very affordable as it includes only the features that the customer requires.

“The decision is yours to fit it into your home or your small business requiring a steady supply of a reliable UPS which you can count on.

“Earlier versions have been proved by users to be durable with a long shelf life.”

 Schneider Electric Launch Inverter-Fired Electricity Nigeria

Head of Offer Marketing, Schneider Electric, Mr Ifeanyi Odoh was not left out, he also had this to say, “It is a smart, portable and affordable solution that fits into every home to provide peace of mind during power outages.

The inverter has in-built artificial intelligence to prioritize solar energy over the grid supply, thereby saving energy.”

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