The truth is, hair coloring is beautiful. However, even if hair tinting gives your face a particular type of class, you must also know that there are harmful side effects involved. Let’s break it all down in our list of Scary side effects of dying your hair:
1. Allergic reactions: Hair dyes possess paraphenylenediamine and it is a kind of antigen that causes an abnormally vigorous immune response.
2. Irritable skin: A few common symptoms are burning sensations, redness, and flaky skin, itchiness and so on.
3. Conjunctivitis: Since you cannot dye your hair yourself without the dye touching your face, its chemicals can also touch your eyes, which can result in conjunctivitis or pink eye.
4. Fertility problems: A specific ingredient found in permanent hair dyes is Lead acetate. Studies have shown that this chemical leads to fertility issues in men and women.
5. Cancer: Permanent hair dyes possess carcinogenic compounds and they are cancer-causing compounds.

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