MTN Nkomode offer, now popularly known as MTN Free after 1 or FA 1, launched on November 2, 2018, was supposed to have ended on December 31, 2019. That was according to the promo deadlines released by the telecommunication giant, MTN. However, here we are in 2020 still enjoying this awesome promo package, which has now been improved to include a free data bundle to browse the internet.
Initially, the promo was a call-only centred package, which allowed customers to pay only for the first minute of each call they make and enjoy the rest of that call for free. Hence the name Free After 1. However, MTN has now added a data bit to it, which gives you 50MB for your first call of each day. The charge for the first minute of your call is 30.4Gp, quite high from the normal call rates.
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Despite the juiciness of this offer, it still has its fair share of flaws, a significant part of which, according to MTN, could be attributed to the National Communication Authority (NCA). That is, the loudest flaw of this promo: calls to MTN lines (On-net calls) lasting for just 60 minutes and calls to non-MTN lines (Off-net calls) lasting for only five minutes.
Nonetheless, after using this offer myself, these are the few notes I could make of it. And if you want to save a lot of money whilst enjoying this offer, read on with me.

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  • I found out despite the fact that the first minute of each call costs 30.4Gp, if you have bonus credit, MTN will rather charge it from your bonus instead of your main account.
  • I also noticed the bonus amount of MTN charges in place of the 30.4Gp airtime is usually around 0.30Gp. Which means you only need a bonus of just 0.30Gp to enjoy your free after 1. Kindly note that calls to non-MTN lines are excluded from this bonus usage.

That is not all; this is where you get to save a lot of money. As I earlier mentioned, the bonus deduction for Free After 1 is around 0.30Gp. However, if you have much more than that as a bonus, MTN will deduct all of it by the end of your hour-long call. Therefore, to save money, why don’t you ensure the bonus amount as and when you are making the call is exactly 0.30Gp, or not too higher than that. After all, that small bonus will get you an hour-long call, whilst you save the airtime on your main account.
This is how it works; since MTN awards 100% bonus on EVD and Momo airtime reloads above 0.50Gp, you can use that 0.50Gp bonus for the Free After 1. This saves the 0.50Gp on your main account. If this process is repeated for all your calls throughout the day, just imagine the amount you will be accruing in your main account whilst enjoying the Free After 1 with the 0.50Gp bonus credit of each 0.50Gp recharge. That is a lot of work, but it is sure one best way to save money with MTN Nkomode offer.
The airtime in your main account can then be used for either buying internet data or making calls to non-MTN numbers. An easy way to save some money, right?
If you have not subscribed to it yet, you can do so via the shortcode *315#. This simple trick does not automatically make you a stingy person. Try it and thank me later.
Written by: iChris
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