Sasai integrated social payments platform

A new integrated social payments platform, Sasai, has been launched for Africans. This new payments platform was developed by African fintech company, Cassava Fintech International (CFI).

The Sasai payments platform will be available to individuals and businesses. It will also be offered in partnership with Mobile Network Operators so that mobile money wallets can be incorporated.

The platform combines mobile payments, instant messaging, and social media into one app. The company says the app will be available for download from both Google Play and iOS app stores from August 1, 2019.

Cassava Fintech International’s CEO, Darlington Mandivenga, said Sasai is the first app in Africa that combines mobile money payments platform with social messaging apps.

The preliminary release of the Sasai app will come packed with Pay, Chat and Explore features. The Explore feature is there to enable users to get to know how to use the bedrock features of the platform.

From there, scheduled monthly updates will follow. These updates will gradually add extra features to the app as well as on-boarded partners.

“We would like to walk the journey with our customers, listening to their feedback and understanding their needs, instead of front-loading so many features all at once.”

CEO Mandivenga said Sasai is a “response to the call by the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) for mobile payment operators to embrace convergence with social payments platforms to create value addition for clients”.

The Chat and Explore features will be available from the initial release. Then the payment feature will be added later through the partnership with Econet Wireless Mobile Network Group.

As the monthly updates keep going on, more Mobile Network Operators will be partnered to spread the Sasai payments platform across the African continent. The company’s goal is to hit at least 8 markets by March 2020.

Mandivenga added that the Sasai platform “stitches and weaves into one platform features and services which are typically offered by separate companies via different mobile apps to become a one-stop-shop without having to leave the app. Sasai is an All-in-One App to Pay, Chat and Explore”.


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