Samsung is going to release Android 9 Pie to some of its devices in the next few days. The devices getting the update include Galaxy S9, S9+....
Galaxy S8 & S9

Samsung is now bringing Android 9 (Pie) to its mobile phones, the release of the update back in August last year. Not all recently past phones are getting the update at a go – Samsung will release it slowly.

Samsung mobiles have been known for getting their new OS updates late. The company always rolls out the major Android update to their customers later than most of its competitors.

The latest Android version, Pie, was launched in August 2018 but Samsung is now rolling it out. And the company is gradually doing the rollout for some of its devices. Not all Samsung smartphones are getting the update at a go – only a few a getting Android Pie for now.

At the moment most Samsung user would have to wait a couple of weeks to get a feel of the latest Android.

Android Pie is more of AI

The latest Android version – Pie (or 9), directs its focus more towards artificial intelligence. Google wants to enable your mobile device to learn from your habits and adapt to your needs more efficiently.

An obvious example is the “Adaptive Brightness” feature. This feature uses your previous usage habits to automatically adjust the brightness of the phone in a suitable environment. This is to help converse your battery power.

Another cool feature on Android Pie is the brand new app navigation system. It resembles the navigation system you may see in Apple’s latest iOS updates. The difference is, this one does not use physical buttons or in-display buttons to budge in between active apps.
For this system, Pie users can simply swipe up from the bottom to see all active apps.

Samsung phones getting Android 9 Pie release

Once again, note that only the past couple of Samsung devices will get the latest Android update. The Samsung devices receiving the update within the next few days include:

The little we have gathered points that another set will receive Android in February. They include:

  • Galaxy Note 8
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S8+.

The update for these phones will come along with Samsung’s reloaded user interface – the One UI.

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