Samsung recently released the latest device, the Galaxy Note 8. It is being billed as the flagship device to take the brand to the top of the smartphone leaderboard. Samsung bounced back after an unfavorable experience with the Galaxy Note 7. However, Galaxy S8 is expected to take this bold step to the next level.
The new device features upgraded processors for increased power, better cameras, and displays. You can quickly do 4K HD video. You can add a memory card to the existing 256GB for storage. This is pushing the storage barriers on mobile devices. It runs on an improved Android Nougat that promises to do better than all the previous versions.

Features and updates

As expected, the latest masterpiece has many new features. The phones have face recognition, a superior screen, and an even slimmer build. The processing power is upgraded with 6GB of expanded memory to drive it. The firm has also streamlined device software updates to make them leaner and faster. This could have been in preparation to roll out new features that elevate the phone’s performance and impacts more areas of your life.
The company plans to roll out updates to the system software that eliminate the use of the soft keys such as the home button and recent apps button. Samsung is expected to augment the navigational features of the new phones to be released. They also intend to use updates to push the latest devices where possible. It shipped the most recent devices ready to handle the new features.

Future usage experiences

Expect to see less visual navigation and new and improved smart gestures that work. You can seamlessly hide the navigational bar. This will go to the next level where the navigational bar is replaced by corresponding pressure points and invisible keys. This also brings the bezel battle to the next front as more real estate on the screen becomes available.
A typical Samsung user will tell you the bottom part of the screen wears out the fastest. The navigation section is the most used part of the device. Moving this function to another space is expected to change the user experience as well as the ghosting problem.
Features such as water resistance and intelligent facial recognition capacity are also expected to be redesigned and upgraded. More users are going to their mobile devices as their primary camera. There will be more innovations on the camera side as well as the media management apps. Additionally, the next phone will not only be water-resistant but also water-repellent, taking care of those small drops of liquid on the phone.


Samsung is keeping true to its tradition with pioneering inventions that enable devices to offer incredible experiences to users. It is at the forefront of exciting new technologies and improved usability. The next device will reflect this and redefine mobile user experiences.

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