As a consumer electronics manufacturer, Samsung can always be trusted to produce well-designed feature-packed devices for its teeming mass of users. This year’s product range is no different. You can trust Samsung to wow you whenever they launch premium products from smartphones to televisions and smart home appliances.

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Samsung’s premium consumer electronics for 2021

Samsung Ghana earlier today displayed an impressive lineup of premium consumer electronics ready for the Ghanaian consumer market.

Aside the smartphones unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked last August, Samsung Ghana had on display some premium consumer electronics designed with next-level technology — keeping the ever-evolving needs of the consumer in mind.

Samsung FlexZone refrigerator

Coming in at GHS 9,999 — this refrigerator is packed with many features and functionality to make it worth the investment.

Talk about manufacturers offering energy-efficient home appliances in the modern era, and you can say that no one does it better than Samsung.


The appliance comes with four different cooling modes intended to afford users some convenience. What this means is that if you want to chill specific beverages as soon as possible, you won’t have to hope and pray that your refrigerator would anticipate your desire and quickly cool your party drinks at the desired temperature. Just set the temperature, and you’ll be sorted out in a jiffy.

Also, this is convenient for users who have specific needs, such as keeping medication stored at a temperature recommended by their doctor or manufacturer of the drug in question.

Samsung AddWash laundry machine

Equipped with AI technology and WiFi, you can operate this washing machine right from your smartphone.

premium consumer electronics

Unlike traditional washing machines that cannot be paused once the washing cycle has begun, the AddWash allows you to pause the operation in order to add any forgotten item that needs to be laundered — hence the name AddWash. Isn’t that so convenient?

You can get the AddWash for a cool GHS 4700.

Samsung Wind-Free air conditioner

Unlike traditional air conditioners, this appliance is one that learns your habits and adapts to them. For example, if you usually increase the temperature from 18° C to 23° C at some point during the night, the AI technology within your appliance adapts to it and seamlessly guarantees you automatic switches during your night.

The idea behind this device is to help cut costs on your energy spending, and in Wind-Free mode, you’re saving 77% of your energy bill.

premium consumer electronics

Also, this is a smart device you can sync with your smartphone — meaning you can operate the air-conditioner at home even from your office miles away.

With its motion detector sensor, you can divert the draught of air from yourself to anyplace in the room where you won’t be affected by extreme temperatures. Also, with this air-conditioner, the outdoor unit is protected with an anti-corrosion coat — making it very convenient for people residing close to the sea. This cool appliance is selling at GHS 3600.

In our next article, you can read about the lineup of smart televisions and other equally revolutionary gadgets from Samsung’s 2021 range of premium consumer electronics.

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