Last August, Samsung kicked off their new year in traditional fashion with the Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event where the tech giant unveiled their latest round of shiny, well-designed smart devices and gadgets.

Samsung has over the last decade been more than innovative with their engineering and creations. As far back as I can remember, Samsung always had the flashiest (in design) and most functional (in terms of features) gadgets, and they carried that level of excellence along — as the decades progressed — adding newer and more consumer-centred functions along the way.

Galaxy Unpacked 2021 did not drift far from the excellence that Unpacked events have come to be known for. In fact, you could say that this August’s event, together with the devices, software, and accessories that were unveiled, have raised the bar regarding the level and quality of innovation to be expected at future Unpacked events.

In all, one could easily (and rightly) say that general innovation in smartphones and the accessories through which users experience the functionality of the manufacturer’s ecosystem are usually first seen at Samsung Galaxy events, and you can be sure that a lot of future tech would take inspiration from what was unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked 2021.

Samsung Unpacked 2021 came with innovation in health and fitness (Watch 4), user experience (Z Fold 3 + Z Flip 3), enhanced productivity (Galaxy Book), and enhanced robustness (Armor Aluminum).

What I got from the new releases, including the software, point at a desire by Samsung to go minimalist — doing more with less. Now, Samsung is not a manufacturer that deals in minimalism. If you are a user of their devices, or have had a full experience of their smart ecosystem, you would know that Samsung is flamboyant. And in case you didn’t notice, this is the first time in a decade that Samsung hasn’t headlined a Galaxy Unpacked event with a Note device — instead, passing the torch to the foldables at Galaxy Unpacked 2021.

That is why Galaxy Unpacked 2021 marks a turning point in Samsung consumer smart tech culture where you’re able to do a lot without having to deal with too much, aside highlighting a new era of resurging technology.

As usual, the lineup of devices unveiled is interesting and a delight to fanatics of Samsung’s tech. Below is a recap of what happened during Samsung Unpacked 2021. Detailed specifications about the devices released at Galaxy Unpacked 2021 will be published in subsequent articles.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021: The Juice

Galaxy Book

In modern times, PCs have taken a central role in our day to day functions as individuals or even, businesses. Unfortunately, we are stuck on using technology designed for the old ‘work and play’ roles of past decades.

Galaxy Unpacked 2021

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a smartphone-like experience with your laptop then, this is certain to excite you. In a quest to reimagine the PC, Samsung set out to design a laptop that functions in an ecosystem by offering three qualities; Connectivity, Continuity, and Mobility — smartphone-thin with the power of a PC.

Galaxy Watch 4 series

The Galaxy Watch 4 series combines attractive design and functionality — focusing on comfort and accuracy, hence a comfortably fitting strap and a sensor positioned closer to users’ wrists — in order to deliver accurate health tracking.

Galaxy Unpacked 2021

There are two devices in the Watch 4 series, both of which are sweat resistant and can be customized with different colored straps — if a user wants to match their watch with their outfit of the day. And speaking of customization, there are over 40 unique watch faces for you to choose from. How cool is that?

Galaxy Unpacked 2021

With the BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) measuring tool technology, you get to adjust your diet and activity level — all on your Galaxy Watch 4 — through the One UI Watch intuitive user interface.

Wear OS, Powered by Samsung

In a collaboration with Google to create a unified platform, Samsung introduces Wear OS — which will be outdoored on the Galaxy Watch 4 — the first ever smartwatch to utilize said platform for seamless access to one’s favorite apps on Google Play.

Galaxy Z Flip 3

Flip phones may be back after what Samsung just put out on the market as the Z Flip 3. This is a massive improvement on the previous version of the Flip range. A bigger and better external display allows you to reply to messages without having to ‘unclasp’ the device.

Galaxy Z Fold 3

Stylish and sleek, this is the world’s very first foldable smartphone with an under-display camera. This device comes with the S Pen and is certified IPX8 water-resistant.

Galaxy Buds2

Galaxy Unpacked 2021

Billed as the lightest and smallest buds Samsung has made yet, the Galaxy Buds2 features a two-way speaker (tweeter and woofer) and gives you ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) Ambient Mode advanced call quality.

What others are saying

Samsung Unpacked 2021 has come and gone, but the after-effects continue long after with users and reviewers sharing their opinions after experiencing some devices.

Famed tech reviewer, Marques Brownlee, describes the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 as being an ambitious leap for Samsung — noting the advancements being made in foldable smartphone technology — going forward.

Mrwhosetheboss, another respected reviewer, praised the water resistance and dual SIM capabilities of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 — going on to call it an advanced display setup device with character.

Michael Fisher, of MrMobile, describes both Samsung foldables from Galaxy Unpacked 2021 as likely to be the catalysts behind foldables going mainstream in this era.

As we conclude…

Samsung understands the need for meaningful innovation to the modern human and user of consumer tech that not only enriches lives, but also empowers users to collaborate with their teams and others they interact with. Technology is meaningful when it’s able to translate ideas or vision into reality and that is what Samsung is all about when the corporation speaks about giving people the freedom to express themselves — while offering them versatility in the latest innovation.


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