samsung galaxy s9 camera

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has already been launched with its release set for March 16. With its major selling point being the camera and its related features, we have come up with three simple things that will excite you about the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera.

3 things about the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera

  • It comes with the new dual-aperture technology. This will help you take better pictures in poor light conditions with the camera automatically adjusting the aperture depending on the scene you’re shooting, much like the human eye adapts to changing light.
  • It comes with the super slow motion feature. This feature allows you to take videos at 30 frames per second and then playing those frames back at normal speed. You can save these videos as GIFs or add music at the background for cool and easy sharing. You can also save it as your wallpaper.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with the Animoji feature which uses the front camera to take a selfie and make an emoji based on your looks. This is an advanced form of the iPhone X’s face recognition feature.
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It looks like Samsung has set the ball rolling for more fancy cameras this year.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S9 tickle your fantasy in any way? 

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