In this article, I highlight 2 common Samsung Galaxy S20 problems and how they can be fixed. The problem includes; Android auto issues, as well as random reboots problem on the phone.

Fix Android Auto Issues

Struggling to make Android Auto work is rampant across several new smartphones nowadays. Sadly, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is not excluded. To solve it, adhere to the instructions below:

  1. You could battle Android Auto connection problems if you made use of “Smart Switch” to set up your new device. If that is the case, locate the application on Play Store, uninstall it, and download again.
  2. You might notice that the Android Auto application is not visible in your app drawer anymore. If there is an issue with the application settings, you will be able to access them in the phone settings. Head to Settings > Google > Device connections > Android Auto. All the settings will be seen there.
  3. It might also be a hardware issue if you battle constant disconnections. Check the cable that you are using in the car and replace it if you have to.

Samsung Galaxy S20 problems and how to fix themPin
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Fix Random Reboots Problem

Some Galaxy S20 users continuously complain about their device randomly restarting. For some, it happens every 5 minutes. For others, it occurs whenever they unplug wired headphones. Here’s how to solve this problem.

  1. An application might be causing the problem. Simply boot the device into Safe Mode and confirm if the issue will continue. If it stops, a faulty app is a culprit. Just uninstall the most recently updated or installed applications and confirm if the device is now working as expected.
  2. If possible, you can also wipe the cache partition. Software updates have rectified this issue for a lot of users. If it persists, replacing it might be the solution.
  3. Head to Settings > Device care > Advanced and click on “Disable Auto Restart.”

Samsung Galaxy S20 problems and how to fix themPin
Photo credit: techradar.com

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