Samsung Galaxy S20
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The brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 is just amazing, however, you can make it more amazing. Shockingly, some of Samsung’s default settings are not included in some of the phone’s hardware, like its new 120Hz screen. Not to worry though, because there are a few tweaks here and there to make it work just the way you like it. Samsung Galaxy S20:

1. Do not change its FHD 1080p display: When you power on the Galaxy S20, its display resolution is set to FHD 1080p by default. You might be tempted to set the display resolution to its full WQHD 1440p option for the sharpest appearance for your Android device, applications, pictures, and clips, but keeping it at the default FHD 1080p mode will be great for your battery.

2. The Galaxy S20’s screen is smoother while you swipe: By default, the device is set to the regular 60Hz refresh rate, which provides a familiar look and feel. However, you can set the screen to the 120Hz for a quicker and more seamless overall experience. To do that, access Settings, Display, Motion smoothness, click High refresh rate (120 Hz) and then tap Apply.

3. Activate Dark Mode to give it a sleeker look: Dark mode is not just great for your eyes, it appears sleeker. It also helps your battery life since your device will not be using up battery power to light up the default white color theme. To activate Night Mode, scroll down the notifications shade, scroll down again, scroll left, click Dark mode.

4. Use the latest Android navigation mode with swipes: By default, you will have access to Android navigation buttons way down on the screen, including the multi-task button, the home button, and the back button. However, you can upgrade things by switching to gestures rather than buttons, which gets rid of the navigation bar at the bottom. To do this, head to Settings, Display, Navigation bar and choose Full-screen gestures.

5. Alter the way Samsung’s One UI looks: The icons appear large by default on the Galaxy S20, and it makes it appear cartoony. To change this, you can make the home screen icon grid more compact by making the icons smaller, which will let you add more applications to the home screen. To do this, head to Settings, Display, Home screen, Home screen grid, click 5×6 or any other grid style you fancy.

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