Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Fold smartphone ready for release in September

Samsung Galaxy Fold to release in September
Samsung Galaxy Fold

When Samsung first unveiled its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, the feeling was this was going to be the company’s best phone yet. But it apparently seemed Samsung was rushing to release the Galaxy Fold. The device’s screen got broken, according to those that were running hands-on reviews on the phone.

Well, after some months, the company says it has fixed the problems and is finally ready to release the Galaxy Fold to the mobile market in September this year.

Though the company announced that the device will hit the market in September, there wasn’t any real date.

Below is the breakdown of the fixes Samsung had to work on the Galaxy Fold.

  • Top protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display: This has been stretched beyond the bezel, thus, it is not meant to be removed.
  • Top and bottom of the hinge area: These areas have also been reinforced with newly added protection caps.
  • Underneath the Infinity Flex Display: There have been additional metal layers in this area to strengthen the protection of the display.
  • Lastly, the space between the body of the Galaxy Fold and the hinge has been reduced.

The newly extended top protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display was done to prevent people from thinking the layer was removable or temporary. This was seen when Samsung sent a few of the devices to reviewers.

The fix hides the layer’s corners, so a user won’t be tempted to peel it off.

For the metal layers underneath in the display and the reinforced hinges, the fixes were done to prevent particles from falling between hinges. This was a flaw in the former Galaxy Fold design.

Particles got stuck behind the display and pressing the screen caused damage to the screen.

Samsung said:

“Samsung has taken the time to fully evaluate the product design, make necessary improvements and run rigorous tests to validate the changes we made.”

Though Samsung says the Galaxy Fold is releasing this September, the developments around it would probably make companies like Huawei also hit the brakes on their foldable phones. Huawei would perhaps pause and subject its Mate X to many rigorous tests, which will surely help them.

Take a glance at the features of the Galaxy Fold.


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