A company named Largan Precision, which specializes in offering lens modules for mobile devices, has disclosed its financial report for April, plus expectations for the upcoming quarter. As per its released data, the monthly decline in orders for mobile phones is fourteen percent, while on a yearly basis it is about six percent.
According to GSMArena, the forecast for the April-June period of this year is far from encouraging. Samsung, Oppo have decreased their orders by thirty percent while Xiaomi is persisting with a ten to twenty percent reduction. However, Huawei actually boosted its order by around five to ten percent in the same period, which is mainly because of the stabilization of the domestic market where Huawei clearly dominates.

Samsung camera lens 2020
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Largan Precision disclosed that this will result in revenue decrease this month, even if the January-April figures make up for NT$17.9 billion (almost $600 million), or around twenty percent more than 2019’s four-month period.
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