To those new to Salesforce, Salesforce AppExchange is Salesforce’s cloud computing store. It is located in San Francisco, California, in the United States of America and has 66 branches located in 28 different counties. It is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) tool that enables entrepreneurs to redefine their business processes.
Salesforce CRM is a paradigm of one of the most preferred CRM platforms used across the globe. It enjoys such an excellent review amongst its users because it offers them enormous flexibility and higher productivity due to plenty of in-built features. Salesforce users thus have access to the largest CRM app marketplace in the world. As of now, 99 Fortune 100 companies have partnered with this platform.
AppExchange helps organizations find an absolute app that will help them meet their business needs without additional investments. This has been made possible through various apps that match any industry, department, or role’s diverse needs. These also help organizations automate their monochrome tasks, combine customer data, and unite systems with the Salesforce platform.
In the next section, we will leave you with the five advantages of Salesforce AppExchange for your business, irrespective of its size and profitability.

Why Introduce Salesforce AppExchange in Your Organization?

1.   Ready to Use

Salesforce AppExchange products offer two packages to its clients to choose from. The first is managed packages, and the second is unmanaged packages. Such packages are fully upgradeable and designed for trading and distribution to their potential clients. This minimizes the time that would be spent on installing the package.
The latter is meant for distribution as open-source projects and applications. These act as the basic building blocks of functionality for the developers while simultaneously allowing them to add additional functionality or alter the project as per their requirements.
Besides this, the Salesforce AppExchange has thousands of apps and components used for varied business needs. For example, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and sales pre-installed in it. These, as per the user’s requirement, are ready for configuration. You only need to add the system, and the users can avail themselves immediate access in real-time.

2.    Help Run Events Smoothly

When planning or scheduling an event on the Salesforce platform, several resources and a definite coordination level are required. These resources can be in the form of systems and software that could help schedule an event. Fonteva Events is a renowned app for throwing enterprise events. It also helps integrate various activities into the event operations, from logistics planning to online registration to preparing agendas, and so on.

3.    Helps Prepare Learning Modules for HR

Salesforce boosts HR processes, especially for training the new talent. The current date’s HR managers upload learning and onboarding materials online on the company’s website, making learning super quick. They track each employee’s progress and report it to their immediate manager or directly to the employer.
 Salesforce AppExchange
Such online curriculum benefits both the employer and the employee. It has only one drawback: the entire process is tedious, but with the automation characteristic of the AppExchange apps, this task has become easy, rapid, and progressive.

4.    Enables Project Management

The Salesforce CRM tool acts as a project management tool. For this, the organizations have been provided with multiple specialized AppExchange apps in project management. These apps, based on specified triggers, can also create workflows for you. Also, Salesforce has a mobile app. Thus, projects are not only hassle-free but also convenient and easily accessible to their users.

Besides project management, it also helps businesses in tracking every expenditure incurred on it. Salestrip, a leading AppExchange app, allows companies to monitor their expenses. Thus, automated travel-related and expense management processes like receipt handling, travel search, etc. It has resulted in more productivity, thereby increased employees’ efficiency as they can now devote more time to work.
Its AI-powered features help businesses in forecasting expenses and controlling their cash flow. In case these systems are being used by an authorized travel agent, it will help him conduct employees’ searches and manage their travel bookings. Thus, reducing the number of travel agencies operating in a specific region or making them redundant.

5.   Automates Contracts and Documents

From the inception of any sale activity to its closure, there’s an immense amount of paperwork. Sales representatives focus more of their time and energy on converting leads than just simply manually filling out documents. Conga Composer offers standardized templates to its team members for tedious data entry work. This has resulted in the speedy preparation of all sorts of legal documents.
 Salesforce AppExchange


Isn’t Salesforce AppExchange overwhelming with thousands of applications and two different types of packages? The best part is you can make a huge impact and stand out in your industry and amongst your competitors and clients. A simple strategy to achieve all of this is by looking for an app that best fits your needs. The application has also been designed keeping small businesses in mind. Thus, one AppExchange caters all and all of that you have been searching for until now.
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