Safety tips Valentine's day
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You have to be at alert on Valentine‘s day and we have safety instructions you should adhere to. Yes, you will be very happy to go out on Feb 14 with your partner, date or friend, but your safety must be key throughout the day. See Safety tips on Valentine’s day to help you avoid stories that touch:

1. Do not drive under alcohol influence: As you celebrate, avoid driving drunk or tipsy. If your date is in the same state, it is best to order a taxi. There are several applications that can help with this, just install one on your mobile phone and you are good to go. An accident is the last thing you need.

2. Be careful with how you order your food: Valentine’s day date is not time to experiment with several recipes and meals. It is best to order what you are familiar with so you do not embarrass yourself by heading to the toilet every now and then. An experience like that will surely ruin your date.

3. Choose a non-expensive date: It is fine to try to impress your date, but you must be more than ready for it. If you are not prepared and you order for more than you can pay for, what will follow will not be palatable.

4. Use protections for sex: For the lovers that will make the forthcoming Valentine’s day their first date, it is best to be careful when it comes to intercourse. Do not be too happy to the point of sleeping with him or her without protection. Ladies, that would mean you welcoming a November baby you never prepared for.

5. Let your friends know where you are: If you will be meeting your date for the first time or if it is your first date, make sure you share the location with those that are close to you. This is for your safety. It helps if something goes wrong.


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