In this age when people are looking towards online media for entertainment and leisure, the rise of online casinos is another phenomenon. The days when people used to walk into physical casinos and to bet shops to hang out with friends and gamble as a leisure activity is in doubt following the global pandemic. Instead, people head to online casino websites from the safety of their homes and gamble easily.

For good or bad, the online world has made casinos and gambling accessible to more people. The new restriction of mobility and public outings also is an advantage for online casinos. The last two years have only helped the growth of online casinos, as the global online gambling market valuation reached a whopping 227 billion US dollars in 2020.

Given the popularity of online gambling sites and the revenue they create every year, it is safe to assume that a major section of the population gambles every day with online casinos. At least 26 percent of the world’s population engages in online casino activity at any given point in time. Even though the number in terms of percentage is minor, it still means that billions of people engage in online gambling at any point in time.

One of the most important parts of a good online gambling experience is a safe payment process. Online casino portals have the greater responsibility to make payments and withdrawals from the portal easy and safe. Only then will the frequent players feel safe and new players can trust these websites. There are some safe methods of payment that online casinos use today.

The safest and most used payment methods

Here is a list of the safest payment methods that make gambling secure on online portals.

Online payment services


Online payment services like PayPal are very popular as payment gateways. People use online payment services for many reasons today. People prefer to go cashless today for the ease of carrying money on their phones. People also prefer to use online payments because they are safe and secure and do not depend on third-party people.

However, the problem with online payment services is that they are prone to online fraud. Therefore, it is important to choose trusted payment services for the payment process. Many portals offer these gateways. Many sites offer PayPal because PayPal is a globally trusted payment service that operates online. There are other online payment services that are highly secure and hassle-free.


Cryptocurrencies are very popular today. Many people also go into the crypto trade to earn huge amounts of money easily. Cryptocurrencies are also the preferred method of payment for many people on online gambling sites. Cryptocurrencies are serving as alternate currency to a great extent, and therefore, they also serve as payment modes.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and permissionless. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency is beneficial for gambling because you do not have to take permission from central institutions. Cryptocurrency is a safe and secure way of transactions on online sites.

Visa Cards

Another method of safe transactions on online portals is Visa cards. Visa cards are similar to bank debit cards, but they expire after a certain period of time. However, these cards are prepaid, and you can load a certain amount of money into them. Visa cards are widely accepted in online casinos. Visa cards are easy to use and are very convenient. The most reputable casinos in the world accept Visa cards. You don’t have to create a secondary account at the online casinos.

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