A lot of developers are creating thousands of applications that can transfer money without the need to leave your homes. Just by searching on your Play Store or App store, results of unlimited money moving apps will be shown. You might want to know details or precautions before trying different money apps because if things go wrong, you might end up not getting your money transferred correctly.
Before you choose a money transfer app, keep in mind that every application available has many features and qualities that make them better and suitable for users. Here are five safe and secure money transferring applications that will provide smooth transactions.


Paypal is a popular money transfer app with extensive country networks that guarantees smooth transactions and money safety. A lot of people are familiar with what PayPal is since it has been available longer than any other application. Transferring money through PayPal has never been easier.
PayPal is said to be one of the money transfer applications that is old but still works wonders. You can use Paypal for purchasing purposes at several stores or establishments. Paypal can handle International money transfers if you have family abroad or just working from home.


This application is for people who want to transact or transfer money to businesses, families, or friends in an international area. TransferWise has small catalogs of several countries all around the world. They will allow you to send small amounts of cash if needed since they don’t have a minimum limit of transfers.
Transferwise is a trusted money transfer service programmed with peer-to-peer transactions. Its facilities provide affordable rates and added multi-currency user accounts. Making you hold a variety of currencies all at once and eventually convert them if you like.


WorldRemit is an application that is known for transferring a small amount of money all around the globe. Qualifying countries are available in their catalogs with low fees and several ways for the receivers to access their cash. WorldRemit does not have a minimum transfer, making it one of the best programs for transactions internationally.
Their fast transaction time is what makes WorldRemit stand out. This application may not have fancy features, but as long as it is safe, it becomes appealing. Swiftly you can send money to family, friends, businesses located in different countries.
WorldRemit is very easy to use, and you can say that their exchange rates are decent. They will prompt you with alerts on your email or even a message if the transferring of money is complete.

SquareCash App

If you want to have a quick transaction that is user friendly and covers the splits of your bills, Square’s Cash App will do it all for you. Unlike any other developed applications, square cash does not have and transaction fees for transfers. A feature that lets users create a website page that will permit other people to send payments to you for free.
All you have to do is link the account of your debit card, and this application will allow you to quickly request, send, or receive money from people around the world. It is convenient since it directly falls into your balance once there is a completion of the transaction.


This application gained attention for its convenient use. Transferring for free is what people go for, especially in times of need. This application is very accessible and can allow you to connect your Facebook account or your cellular contacts to transfer money to people on your social network.
They have customisable features for safety and privacy if you don’t want your transaction to be public. You should know that there will be a 3% transfer fee only for credit cards. This application is incredibly safe and comfortable to send, receive, and other transactions from other people. This application has a bank-grade security system so that users would not worry about scams or hackers that can hold information.


These days, we seldom use personal paychecks for money transactions. Whether you are paying for rent, purchasing online, or paying utility bills, there are a lot of money transferring applications that would conveniently transact your money the way you want with just a few taps. The best thing about these applications is that you don’t need real money to transfer cash from one place to another.
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