SA startup, The Awareness Company is currently making use of data-driven storytelling to help humans, communities, and organizations to be more efficient and impactful on a daily basis. Formed 2 years ago, the brains behind it had previously worked together on research, development, and innovation in the public sector.
According to Disrupt Africa, the Awareness Company’s aim is to change regular approaches to tech and aid its customers to make more impact wherever they are. This will be done via storytelling while the company leverages data and information for insights and better decision making.

SA The Awareness Company
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Priaash Ramadeen, CEO of The Awareness Company had this to say, “We built a technology demonstrator that is used by national parks in South Africa in the fight against rhino poaching.”
“That is when we saw first hand the value of innovative technology being used to solve real-world problems. Thus from that and other experiences we created this startup to be flexible, agile and quick to bring operational and industrialised solutions in data and situation awareness to the market. It does this by taking an influx of data into an organisation and transforms it into stories that are easily understood and interpreted into action. HYDRA platform uses advanced data aggregation and fusion engines, alongside other technologies, to enhance operational efficiency and digital transformation.”
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