RoadTop app: road accident prevention mobile app

In Ghana, road accidents are a major problem as it takes many lives day in and day out. Some of these accidents are not always as a result of mechanical failures. Sometimes, drivers can be blamed for careless behaviours on the road which may result in accidents.

Thus, a young Ghanaian tech company, Million Solutions Ghana, has surfaced with a solution for careless driving that result in “avoidable” accidents. The company has developed an app that will encourage Ghanaians to take road safety serious so to reduce road accidents.

This mobile app, RoadTop, will be connected to safety-oriented organisations and security services in the country, especially the police service. So, anyone can quickly report careless driving, over-speeding and even drunk-driving to the nearest police patrol team or a police station via the app. The police receiving any of such report would then quickly take action.

The app developer, Million Solutions Ghana, believes the RoadTop app will positively affect our road activities.

Frederick Oti Mensah, the Head of Software Development, complained that though the company is trying to do a good thing, the police is having a cold feet joining in. He emphasised why a partnership from the security agencies is significant in this campaign.

“We’re doing paperwork and we’re pushing them to get on board. We are now telling Ghanaians about it and it’s a good solution we’re providing. So if someone wants to send a report and then the police or the law enforcement agencies are not on board yet, or for some reason they decide not to come on board or work with us, we are providing solutions and that is what our goal is and that is what we are going to do all the time.

He continued, “So, we are going to receive those reports and then we will do a follow up on every report because when you send a report, it comes to us and then we forward it to them; that is how the algorithm is designed to be, which means, we have some of the reports in our possession. So if they are not boarding, we will currently be managing the reports that are coming in from users.”

Users of the RoadTop mobile app will create accounts and easily reports careless drivers and traffic offenders, and quickly. With this app, the level of accidents on our roads may go down significantly, so why don’t we all join them?


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