These are exciting times for businesses all over the world. Technology and the internet has made it possible for businesses to get online and reach a wider customer base than could previously have been imagined. Payment systems have also improved — with newer methods constantly getting added to facilitate transactions between clients and service vendors.
However, the use of digital payment systems come with a problem; the risk of identity fraud, among others. With this issue comes the necessity to have verification systems. This article would highlight one such system, RingCaptcha, and how it can help grow your business by bringing genuine clients and business your way.


RingCaptcha is a phone verification platform which helps businesses in verifying and retaining customers, by providing them with identification and authentication services. The easy to embed 2- factor authentication confirms users identity by sending them confirmation codes via SMS in order to facilitate the onboarding process.
Through this solution, users can (at their convenience) download an organization’s mobile app. Included in the solution is the one-time password, which is activated either by voice or SMS, that enables users to easily re-engage with the system.


  • Quick integration process and prompt customer support service.
  • An easy to use interface that works great on both desktop and mobile.
  • Real-time SMS service facilitates effective communication between brand and clients. In return, this nurtures healthy customer relationship, which directly affects customer retention, brand relevance, as well as frequent deal closing.
  • The anti-fraud functionality makes it easy to monitor voice and sms verification traffic data-points, enabling organizations to easily detect suspicious activity.
  • Customers don’t have to switch SMS providers; as the platform can sit on top of the existing SMS system.
  • Customers do not need to make the hard decision choosing provider since RC is integrated with all major global & regional providers. Landing page tools (,, etc), e-commerce (WooCommerce), and WordPress forms (Gravity Forms, etc.)


  • The pricing used to be $49/month but they now have a $9/month plan to support growing businesses
  • The price per SMS can be slightly more in certain countries but that is due to the extra reliability RC offers with multiple routes, and the ability to switch instantly when there are issues.

Taking research serious, RingCaptcha is a data-driven company and their recent study on the continent, (, which is summarized below:

The best provider, P3, across African countries (GH, NG, UG) averages 76.67% successful delivery, with varying degrees of success across those countries fluctuating as much as 9.17%, and that is IF you picked the RIGHT provider. If you had chosen a very poor provider due to lack of data, you could end up with P5, which has an average of only 40.80% successful delivery.
They are integrated to multiple providers so that you don’t have to choose; you connect to us, and we send your SMS through the best provider depending on the country/carrier based on the delivery data we have. Furthermore, having multiple providers boosts average successful delivery from 76.67% to 79.91% and reduces fluctuations in successful delivery across those countries from 9.17% to a mere 1.39%. In the event of a provider path congestion or failure, around 67.79% of traffic can be still delivered successfully (
As they continue to work with more providers, they are only going to improve these numbers significantly. The good news is all these improvements will be available to customers with NO additional effort. Customers would NEVER have to integrate another provider as a better one comes along or as RingCaptcha  expands to other countries.
Also, we understand the protecting data and so our recent study again on OTPs attacks (here:

In conclusion

RingCaptcha is the multipurpose platform that helps organisations keep constant tabs on clients, prospects, and customers — functions that usually would have taken multiple apps to deliver.
The software helps in checking fraudulent transactions and protecting a company’s integrity and credibility as being able to verify real users in a company’s database is essential in avoiding the incidence of dual entry.
All in all, RingCaptcha has proven to be the better alternative; offering value for money as well as having a great customer response team.

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