Relationship questions
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Asking questions about your relationship aids the communication with your partner and this is vital to a long-lasting bond between both of you. Relationship questions you should ask your husband:

1. Am I good enough for you in the bedroom?: You can always find out if you are performing excellently during intercourse. Do not be bothered about the question, even if the answer is No, sexual intimacy can always be improved on.
2. Am I better than your former partners?: Everyone believes they are cherished and loved than their partner’s exes, but there is no harm in hearing it from him directly. It is a tough question but not an impossible one.
3. Have you ever cheated on me or felt tempted to?: This question can ruin a relationship but it is key. It is always best to know so you can both discuss the reasons.
4. Do you still have feelings for your ex?: You never want to come off as competitive or insecure but the curiosity is always there. The answer will let you know if it is something you should worry about.

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