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Relationships do not lead to breakups for no reason. The parties involved do not suddenly stop loving each other, it all started from somewhere. Knowing the root of severe relationship problems will help you to stay away from certain habits that will make you end things. Relationship problems:

1. Cheat: Once you begin to date someone, you should never entertain other women or men romantically. Your attention and focus should be on your partner alone because looking at other women or men would be plain cheating, and that will end your relationship sooner than you expect.

2. Underappreciate him or her: Certain people in love will want to do everything possible to express it. They want to be your mum or dad, worry about your well being, support you, e.t.c. The best way to reciprocate is by valuing his or her effort. Not reciprocating in always going to lead to disagreements and an eventual breakup.

3. Lack of communication: Most times, inexpressive men or women have issues with their partners in relationships. It is best to express how you feel, how you wish to be treated, things you do not like, how you od not feel and so on. Communication is always key.

4. Not living up to expectations: When men and women in relationships expect to be treated a certain way and their partner fails to live up to this standard, things can go south. Love is never enough, your partner wants you to have a special kind of affection for him or her. He or she has special needs that only you can meet, it is your duty to not fall short of expectations.

5. Immature or irresponsible: When men and women say they want responsible partners, they simply mean they want partners who can be in charge of their emotions, have an idea what they are doing with their lives and the direction they are willing to go with it. Anything short of this and there will be issues.


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