Being open in a relationship is very compulsory, but there are some things you should just keep to yourself and not share with your partner. Surely, all relationships should be built on trust, however, there has to be a restriction on the level of openness with your man or woman. See details your partner does not have to know about you:
1. Your sexual history: Not all boyfriends/girlfriends are interested in hearing about the series of intercourse you have had in the past when you were dating someone else. Keep the details about your lovemaking at a random bathroom, or with some random chick, to yourself.
2. Your body count: Only your gynecologist or doctor needs to know the details.
3. Your colleague has a crush on you: You will be allowing relationship problems to creep in if you say such. Indirectly, you will let your partner begin to imagine things and get paranoid. I’m sure you don’t want that.

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4. You have a crush on someone else: It is true, being in love with your partner might not stop you from feeling attracted to someone else, however, discussing it is too much information that your partner might not be comfortable with.
5. You don’t like your partner’s parents: If you say that to me, we are done. Even if you genuinely feel that way, saying it your partner is a step too far and it will attract harsh consequences.
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