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During the compulsory self-isolation, you might find yourself working from home with your partner. Now if you do not manage this new reality very well, it could actually make you lose him or her, or your sanity. A lot of things can go wrong, you just must be prepared to handle the situation well.

1. Compromise and respect for each other’s work routine: For instance, one of you may fancy working in a noisy environment, like with loud music and all, while the other might prefer complete silence to be able to do anything. In times like this, the partner who does not mind the noise should be considerate enough to use earphones so both parties can work effectively. Or better still, if the house is large enough, take your work very far away so you both can get productive.

2. Boundaries: Pay utmost respect to a physical workspace during this period. Because he or she is your partner does not give you the right to tamper with things that should be respected. See it as your man or woman is in the office and keep your interference to yourself.

3. Use the spare time wisely: Because you both would be working from home, nobody is leaving home early to avoid traffic or coming home late because they were forced to work late. What this means is that there is extra time to do whatever you want. Use it wisely, watch movies together, bond with bae e.t.c.

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4. Care for the kids: This can be done in turns now. Men, please know that caring for the kids is not the job of the woman alone. You are both at home, so you should both be responsible for the children. Make it count.

5. Alone time: It is very possible for both of you to get bored with each other, this is where alone time can come in. Work separately without guilt-tripping each other about doing things alone. Trust me, with time you will begin to miss each other again and the bonding can resume.

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