Immediately you start dating someone; it is only right to begin exercising a higher level of control on what you say and do while mingling with other women. Not knowing where to draw the line when relating with other ladies will send disrespectful vibes to your partner.
1. Needing someone to talk to: If you are not speaking to a relationship counsellor or marriage expert, make sure you discuss with your partner first before any other woman. The love of your life has earned the right to be your confidant and adviser before any other outsider.
2. Do you think I’m a good husband?: If you ever need answers to this question from anybody, it surely has to come from your wife. Why? She married you, so she is obviously in the best position to tell you.
3. Do you have a boyfriend?: Arguable though, but according to PulseNG, if you utter these words to a female friend or any other woman, it does not matter if you have a partner or not, she’ll think you are hitting on her. Avoid asking this entirely, even when the motive behind your question is pure.

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4. Let’s hang out: If your wife is not coming, you have no business asking another woman to go anywhere with you to hang out. It does not matter if it is a business meeting, always avoid such complicated situations as a married man.
5. We haven’t done it in a while: If the woman in question is not your therapist or counsellor, avoid discussing your sexual history or problems with her. Except you are talking about it during couple’s therapy, in the presence of your wife. Avoid the topic.
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