Before one can legally be a sole proprietor or own a small business in Ghana, the business must first be registered in the country. A sole proprietorship is simply known as “a one-man business”. Registering your small business in Ghana is not cumbersome, and in this article, we walk you through the step-by-step process to make this possible.

Procedures involved in the registration of a small business

Registration of a business is under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General’s Department and processed at the Registrar-General’s Department.
Since Ghana is a state governed by the 1992 constitution, every legal procurement or act must strictly comply with the laws under that particular jurisdiction. Therefore before you can register a business, you must follow the rules according to the Act under the registration of businesses in Ghana.
You must bear in mind that, there is the need to have first a Tax Identification Number (TIN) as it denotes one is a legal taxpayer. Registration for TIN is done at the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA). Visit any of the branches in Ghana with a valid National Identity card, a passport picture and any other valid identification card available. In a maximum of seven (7) days, one can receive the Tax Identification number.

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Registration of Business Name

  • First, pick up a registration form (Form A) at the Registrar General Department at the cost of GHS3.50. The form can be picked up from the in-house bank.

Form A comprises general information on the business you want to register.

  • Filling of re-registration Form A

Per the Act under business registration, re-registration form A is an attachment to the form A, and it also comprises old registration data, postal address and business location information.

  • Submit three possible business names to select the available one.
  • Fill the necessary information on the forms and submit.
  • After submission, the Registrar examines, and if approved, the business name certificate will be issued to you.
  • Business name costs GHS50, and a Certified True Copy costs GHS10, making the total cost of registration of business name GHS60. Alternatively, in the comfort of your home, you can download the form via the Registrar General Department’s website (rgd.gov.gh)
  • Fill the form, pay via online.
  • Submit forms via online.
  • Pay the processing fee of GHS60 via online.
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  • Filling of re-registration Form D

Form D is also another form required for signing. It is filled to cater for any future alteration or change in business details, the Taxpayer Identification Number or any significant change on the nature of the business.
This completes your business registration process in Ghana.
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