Social media can be time-consuming if you don’t set your priorities right. However, it can also be the gateway to building an exciting life for yourself in a world that has become so vile.

As individuals, we have different characters and traits. For instance, some people love keeping a low profile while some love showcasing their lifestyle for the gram.

Heard of social butterflies? They are charming and socially oriented. Their life is exciting.

For a social butterfly, the idea of Instagram is nothing new. They must have harnessed the beauty. Simply because they’re socially oriented and will get with the trending gist both online and offline.

How about you? How social are you? Do you interact on social media platforms?

Heard of Instagram? Of course, you have. But are you on Instagram?

If your answer is “NO”, this article is specially prepared for you.

Here are the top 5 reasons to be on Instagram in 2022;

Reason #1: Instagram is a User-Friendly Fun-Filled Interface

Instagram prides itself in creating a social media platform where users can share their interests and daily life experiences via photos and stories. It’s more fun than Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re wondering why the last sentence was necessary, it’s because sharing lengthy posts in form of texts (which is common to Facebook and Twitter) can be quite boring and stressful.

Surfing social media platforms are more fun-filled when stories are shared in form of aesthetically pleasing pictures and videos. This is what you’ll get with Instagram if you decide to register.

Again, you might want to ask; what is your definition of fun on a social media platform?

The answer is simple and direct; the idea of fun on a social media platform is INSTAGRAM!

With this amazing app, you can take beautiful pictures and edit them with attractive filters.

Then, upload them in the form of photos shared, stories, and even reels. You can also add hashtags to your photos to increase your reach. Hence, increasing your chances of going viral. 

You love that right? Instagram is just amazing. Check out Instagram user-friendly updates.

What are you waiting for? Create your Instagram account today and get started.

Reason #2: Instagram Will Connect You with Like-Minded People

Most Instagram users have a creative mind. Signing up on the platform will give you an opportunity to connect with people that have a creative mindset. Not just that…

You will also get to connect with people of like minds. By that, we mean people that share common interests with you. If you find them, there’s an option to follow them and they can also follow back.

The “follow” feature on Instagram is an ideal option that allows users to keep tabs on people they like. So, when they post content, it’s easier to see them and engage them with likes and comments.

You can get social on Instagram with your peers, colleagues, friends, family, and even strangers.

The ability to connect with absolute strangers has to be one of the beauties of the platform.

You can use your online space to engage other Instagram users that share a common interest. What am I saying? In essence, it means signing up on Instagram will help you connect with people of like minds.

Do you love traveling? You will get to meet people sharing their travel experiences.

Do you love the arts? Instagram will help you connect with artists across the world.

So, on Instagram, you can view the content shared by people you’re following. You can also engage their content by taping likes or commenting on their posts. You can even share too.

Who knows, you might get to meet your perfect match and then can kick on from there.


Wondering what I am talking about? Yeah, you can make friends and even start relationships.

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Reason #3: You Can Use Instagram for Your Business

One of the main reasons to be on Instagram includes promoting your business or brand.

Instagram isn’t just about taking pictures and uploading them for likes and views. There’s more to the social media platform that goes beyond sharing photos with a community of followers.

As a business owner, you can deploy Instagram as a cost-effective tool for promoting your business online. Promoting one’s business through print media offline can be quite expensive.

So, a good way to save marketing costs is to promote your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are millions of active users on these platforms.

Since the popularity of Instagram keeps growing daily, you should get familiar with top tips on how Instagram can help your business become more successful. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Before we proceed, here are some Instagram demographic statistics that might interest you;

  • Over 500 million users access the Instagram app daily
  • Over 1 billion users access the Instagram app monthly
  • People spend an average of 30 minutes a day on Instagram
  • 36% of men and 44% of women make use of the Instagram app
  • 23.92% of the world’s active mobile internet users access Instagram regularly
  • 30.94% of the world’s active social media users access Instagram regularly

Now that you’ve seen the statistics above; we bet you understand the reason why it’s necessary to join the platform in 2022. You will get to promote your business to a wide range of active IG users.

Both small and big businesses now invest a lot of money in social media marketing. Some even go the extra mile to pay for services like MegaFamous for buying Instant Instagram followers.

This is all in the bid to promote their businesses to more consumers. This is the right way to go, so don’t hesitate to create a profile on Instagram today. And start promoting your business.

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Reason #4: Instagram Will Help You Showcase Your Personality

Do you want to build a winning character on social media? Instagram is the perfect social media platform designed to give you the freedom to express yourself through photos and images.

Sharing photos of yourself or that of your brand is a great way of showcasing your personality.

Your online personality has to be carefully monitored if you want to build a winning character as an individual or even a celebrity. What social media app can do this if not Instagram?

You should consider signing up on Instagram if you love to showcase your lifestyle and brand.

Signing up on Instagram will give you the freedom to showcase your attributes, talent, and skills through photo-sharing posts. Always ensure you remain active and constantly engage others.

You can build an image that followers will easily get attracted to on Instagram. That is, molding the perception of your followers towards you. This can be seen from brand influencers.

If you become a brand influencer through the personality you’ve built for yourself, you can make a lot of money on Instagram. Do not underestimate the potential of the platform.

Reason #5: Instagram Offers Many Other Amazing Benefits

Just like any other social media platform, Instagram offers users amazing benefits.

Some of the benefits highlighted below are especially associated with Instagram;

  • Instagram will give you inspiration
  • Instagram will help you make new friends
  • Instagram encourages creativity with posts
  • Instagram will entertain you when you’re bored
  • Instagram can help you drive traffic to your websites
  • Instagram is an amazing tool for building your brand
  • Instagram will keep you up-to-date with trending gist
  • Instagram will give you fame and open doors of opportunities
  • Instagram will allow you to create digital portfolios for your projects
  • Instagram will provide you with a valuable support group for feedbacks

The list is endless.

5 Reasons to be on Instagram in 2022 Pin


Instagram is an amazing social media platform to be on. It’s the favorite app of many people, even though there’s a long list of other social platforms. And there are reasons this is so.

Whether you’re looking to create a personal empire or build a thriving business, Instagram will help you achieve it. Don’t miss out on all the excitement.

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