Exercise is something that everybody (humans and animals) should be doing on regular bases and walking can be fun to do with a fluffy legged partner by your side. Taking your puppy for a walk can be a great and fun bonding experience between the two. But what if your puppy doesn’t want to go for a walk? There could be five reasons behind their lack of walking motivation and once you figure out which one it is you can get them up on their paws with energy and excitement in no time.
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reason puppy doesn't want to walk

1. All New Surroundings

When a puppy comes into a new home there will be a lot of senses for them to experience. It is no different when they go outside for walks. Their senses could get overloaded with all that is happening around them that they would not know. This could stop them from going out with you for a walk since it is too much to handle for them.
However, there are ways that you can encourage them to brave the great outdoors with you by their side. A good way is praising them when they take to exploring and looking around. Another is the key ingredient for all dog owners: treats. Giving them some good treats can help link walking outside the garden to a positive experience which can motivate them to keep going as well as enjoy the walks. Either if it for training purposes or helping your dog get over its fears, you will find treats quite useful; as already stated, you will be indirectly training your dog not to fear going out for a walk. You can follow https://www.puppytrainedright.com/site/old-dawg-treats for further details.

2. Weather

Puppies can be quite sensitive to the weather and if the ground is too cold or too hot for them and they would rather stay at home where they are more used to the ‘mini climate’ of the house. But you can try to give them more treats and praise to get them going but make sure that they do not get burnt if the ground is hot. Also, take special care that they do not decide to make a run for it due to the discomfort of the weather. This can be a possibility and that would require you to cut the walk short so that they are safe and at home. However, if you are looking for a lost puppy then you should post a lost pet alert on the web in order for them to get found quicker.
Another possible no-go for them is rain or anything else that would make it uncomfortable not only for them and you as well to go for a walk. In this case, you can wait out the bad weather or shorten the daily walking session. If these are not possible you can try to play with them more so that they get their daily exercise as well as get tired out so they can easily fall asleep at night.

3. The Gear

Puppies can be oddly picky when it comes to what you make them wear but not in terms of style or look like a lot of people tend to do with clothing. They are picky in that the harness or collar could be something new for them. This is why they do not want to go for a walk since their gear is alien to them and they can panic as well as freeze up.
A good suggestion would be is to put the puppy harness on them in a safe space that they are more familiar with. Make them wear it around the house or around the garden while they are playing or while it is time for them to eat. This method can make them become more used to the new gear on them and they will learn how to move with it on.

4. Bad Gear Fit

While your puppy is getting used to their gear you should check to make sure that it fits them properly so that there is no rubbing or poking under their legs and on their shoulders which can cause a lot of discomforts. Gear is like clothing neither too tight nor too loose.

5. Feeling Ill

If the above methods do not seem to be working or if you have a puppy that loves going for walks but all of a sudden stopped then there could be a chance that they are feeling ill. This can make puppies not want to walk and can be a way of them telling you that they are feeling unwell. If you suspect that your puppy is sick you should take them to the vet as soon as possible.
There can be a few things that can make a puppy not want to go for walks and it is important that you understand the reasoning behind their ‘non-movement’. It may seem cute and funny in the beginning but can become a real problem later on. There could also be a chance that they are not used to going for walking so it is good to keep a regular walking schedule so they know what they must be doing.

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