READ2PLAY: Helping Ghanaian kids through eSports


There is one single and incontrovertible truth: there is no telling how impactful eSports can be to this country. This is because eSports groups are working assiduously to help citizens in the country through the sports. Not long ago, one of the eSports groups in Ghana, eSports Association, revealed its plans to establish an eSports academy. The establishment of the academy would create job opportunities for thousands of people in the country. In addition to the eSports academy, they are working on introducing the READ2PLAY project to help kids improve their reading skills.

The project is dubbed READ2PLAY and has its primary purpose as helping Ghanaian kids develop good reading habits. Undoubtedly, the introduction and implementation of this project would help Ghanaian schools and parents address one of the greatest challenges that many kids face.

The importance of reading to children

According to the telegraph, the Organization for economic cooperation and development has identified reading as the most important indicator of the future success of children. This means that teens who choose to pick up a book for pleasure are more likely to succeed in life.

Another report also suggests that, “Teenagers who read for pleasure are much more likely to get a better job when they become adults”.

Based on the above findings, it will be very eerie for the country to ignore the responsibility of helping kids improve their reading skills or to help fields such as eSports which are trying to promote and develop the reading skills of children in the country.

With the help of the President of the eSports Association, Ebenezer Kwesi Hayford, we find out what the READ2PLAY project is all about and how it will be carried out.

What is READ2PLAY?

The project is titled READ2PLAY, and it is being carried out by one of Ghana’s eSports groups, eSports Association, in collaboration with Kiddie eSports and World eSports Consortium (Wesco).

We are introducing this project to enable kids to read while having fun through playing eGames. This is as part of our commitment to use eSports as a tool to help kids,

We have realised that most kids love to play videogames, and we intend to use that as a sort of leverage to help them develop their reading skills. So the strategy is that we would ask kids to read pages of a book before they get access to play their favourite eGames.

This project is a buildup of a similar event that was organised last year by the eSports Association in collaboration with the Ghana International Book Fair and Kiddie eSports. That was an annual event but this time we are seeking to organise it on a more regular basis once we have a permanent place to host the project.

How it will be carried out

As I earlier indicated, kids will be asked to read pages of a particular book, and they will be guided and supported by volunteers and parents. Aside the volunteers and parents, there will be mentors, teachers and authors around to help the kids develop their reading skills.

There will also be quick quiz sessions where kids will be given objective tests to answer. This is to help them develop their comprehension skills. When the kids have successfully participated in these sessions, they would then have the opportunity to play their favourite eGames and also participate in a mini eSports tournament which will see the winner getting books and a laptop.

Feedback System

For our feedback system, we will have volunteers visiting the kids in their various schools to find out the progress they are making. This will also help us to work with their teachers to find the best possible means to help develop the reading skills of these children.

The need to support eSports

eSports groups in Ghana are doing all possible to expose the country to the incessant benefits that eSports offers to any country that is willing to support and invest in it. It is therefore up to the government, public and private institutions and the general public to help enhance the growth of the sports in the country.


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