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eSports organizations in Africa are gradually getting ready for what is set to be quite a significant year ahead. Several tournaments have already been announced by various eSports organizations across the continent with the likes of PlayArena starting their online competitions for the year.

For the South African eSports industry, many eSports fans will have their eyes set on how one of the best eSports organizations, Raving Mad Gamerz, will perform this year.

The organization has already released their events board for the year and has a pile of interesting tournaments coming including the Open qualifiers which will be held on 17th February 2020, the Summer League which will be held on 5th April 2020 and the July Winter League and the October Spring League which also comes off on 5th July and 4th October respectively.

There will also be the Lan tournaments, with the Alpha Lan set to be held between 29th February and 1st March 2020 and will include titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex Legends and Modern Warfare.

JBKlutse.com, therefore, decided to catch up with the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Raving Mad Gamerz, Hein Labuschagne, to find out what fans and eSports lovers in South Africa and across Africa should expect from his organization.

But before that, Hein Labuschagne, in an exclusive interview with our own Papa Kayson Jnr. shared his thoughts on eSports in South Africa last year.

Hein Labuschagne (Right) presenting a award

Reflection on eSports in South Africa for 2019

“Last year, I saw massive growth in not only Raving Mad Gamerz, but other organizations as well. There were some organizations being established last year that flourished quickly in the Fortnite scene and that is great.

“I also saw TOs working together not to overlap tournaments to benefit the community. This is something that we need in South Africa because if TOs can communicate better with each other for a common goal of improving Esports in our country together, it will all benefit from the growth we need in South Africa.”

New additions for the 2020 Calendar

A critical look at the unveiled events for Raving Mad Gamerz shows the new introductions that will be featured this year. We spoke to Hein to find out about these introductions as well as some charity events coming up.

“First off, we have introduced a Qualification League called the Premier Qualification League which will serve as a gateway into the Premier Division which comes off in the summer. What this means is that teams will now have to compete in the Premier Qualification League and secure qualification before participating in the Premier Division in the summer.

“Also, the Premier Division or the Summer League will be giving out a R1000 prize to the winner of the premier league titles, as last year there were no prizes. Also, we will be hosting a LAN tournament every 2 months this year as opposed to the once a month we had last year.

“In relation to charity events, we are glad to announce that upon community request as well as Maverick gaming wanting to partner with us in new titles, we will expand both organizations’ community reach in the esports environment.

“This year will be our 2nd MadX Lan and we have allocated 3 days for this event, meaning more titles can be added, so more tournaments, meaning more donations to the needy.”

New Year’s expectations

“I believe with the price of the new consoles, the TOs will need to look into sticking with the old generation consoles for a bit before moving completely over to the next generation consoles.

“This is very crucial because, I think, not everyone can afford a brand-new console as it hits the shelf so we, for instance, will be hosting tourneys on PS4 and 5 for a while before moving over completely to PS5 only.”



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